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Government - Minnesota, all towns and all states - government herrassing people

Posted: 2013-10-05 by    AppleCherry2013
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the government that does experiements on people and other stuff are forcing adults and children to have government mind controles computer chips inside their heads with out the people knowing about it. the goverment uses the mind controles to herrasse people inside their ears with the government ear pieces that are inside by the ears and alot of people have been herrassed so bad that they went insaine and died and or killed them selves to make the herrassment stop.

the government can use your arms with out you knowing it and take your clothes off in public by controling your mind...

Government - Pre-Hiring Process

Posted: 2012-12-31 by    mycamero13
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Hello all
I used to be in the military and before that, a correctional officer and police officer. I got the jobs before the routine lie detector tests and personality tests became mandatory before even getting an interview. I have taken a break of about six years from working on the government side and now jumping into attempting to get hired as a probation officer. Now, my complaint is this... I haven't been a saint my entire life and have a pretty rough childhood but all in all despite my hardships and trivial mistakes along the way I think I have done pretty damn good for myself....

Government - False Details

Posted: 2012-10-27 by    Brandon Ceaser
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My personal information and background records have been frauded by scammers typing clues of my personal information not registered for legal or at least the correct Law agreements.Mainly the workers provide illegal given evidence about me, also for Court meaning and they verify it from Authorities throughout the United States Of America. I has received no justice since the matter started after 2006 and further blackmail this year almost the end of 2012....

Government - Dog Menace

Posted: 2011-09-23 by    Vanessa Brooks
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I am a resident of Avahalli J.P.Nagar 9th Phase. We have been facing a problem of stray dog menace in the campus and have been requesting the BBMP officials to come and take the dogs away. However promises have been made that they will come. However nobody has come since a week and the residents are getting very worried.
Please consider this as a sincere request and kindly send a van at the earliest....

Government - Anthony weiner

Posted: 2011-06-18 by    Dkglenn
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I want to know why Anthony Weiner is still getting all the perks and privileges he had before he resigned. What does this cost the government "taxpayers"? With the government in debt and needing to make cuts why do we continue to pay for Anthony Weiner to have these privileges? Why did he even have a choice of resigning or not? If this were anybody else working for the government they would probably have been fired without any privileges they may have had while worming for the government....

Government - corruption

Posted: 2011-06-15 by    school canteen
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i just want to inform about the case of the coca coca employee of bacolod plant who involve the scam and corruption, regarding the MDP of school canteen in Negros occidental because it its unfair, this my privileged to have a school canteen in my school, so what will happen the budget? to put up a structure, instead a school canteen going to a kiosk like a vendor, so i ask what well happen the budget because it its already audit the local auditor from bacolod plant and from Atlanta Representative i remember he is a Indian national, because all the student was suffer during recces time, i hope you...

Government - ACC Levy

Posted: 2011-01-20 by    Mike Brook
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Current charges on ACC Levy Not Justified on Vehicles.
These charges have been explained, by no means justified.
Current charges for my vehicle for a years Registration would cost me
more than a $1000 for a private motor vehicle, this is in breach of civil
rights and will increase the unemployment rate.
The Government should in vest more in to public transport.
ACC Levy Should even out Depending on Vehicle Type and not charge
more for one type of vehicle. Regards Mike Brook...

Government - backroom deal

Posted:    JANET FOY
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Last month the Liberals and NDP were wearing poppies in the house of
commons, supposedly as a show of respect for our veterans.
Today they are making a backroom deal with the separatists to seize
control of our national government.

This has destroyed the fact that we have a democracy and just had an
Who are those back room crooks to assume what Canadians want. I am insulted
that my vote is now
not worth anything. Why should Canadians vote ever again, it is a waste of
our money and time
if this is what they...

Government - Australian Capital Territory, Canberra Metro Area - Freedom

Posted:    Free
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My complaint is that I was born a slave to the industrial revolution. How am I a slave to the industrial revolution? I have no choice but to need money to survive. I am not allowed to live off the land because it is against the law. If i want to camp anywhere I must pay money. If I want to have the right I must acquire the money by slaving for a mortgage for 25 years, which by the time I acquire that I am not longer fit or able to survive this way. I do not have the right to live independently to the laws I object to unless I am a millionaire. Nor am I free to think individually and free to express...

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