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Unauthorized Charges Complaints

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Gvginettevalleesigngmail.com / JustAnswer LLC.

Marie-paule Tremblay on Oct 20, 2016
16739763-503 Your Camera and Video answer is ready! Hi, I noticed you haven’t viewed my answer to your question yet – this is a friendly reminder to please view my answer when you get a chance. Also remember, you don’t have to take my response as the final word on your question. Feel free...

RushMyPassport.com / Credit card charged for a service I did not use

Michelle Read on Oct 19, 2016
I found Rush My Passport while researching an expedited passport. I was 20 days away from my cruise and ordered the 10-12 day service. When I received instruction from Rush My Passport, I made my appointment with the passport agency who would not see me until 14 days before my travel. I...

Woodforest National Bank / Overcharge fee

Pattyl6457 on Oct 19, 2016
I had charges on my bank.k account. Some I had no idea they would be there and an ATM issue that took money of account but only gave me 40 if the 200 I tried to getout. I had a 99 cent charge where I added storage on my phone. I thought would be put on the bill. Ofcourse itwent to the...

Avast / Antivirus/V.P.N

Stephen100 on Oct 18, 2016
Hi, Avast sent me an e-mail, requesting I update my card details for my subscription to re-new. There was no mention of a charge being placed on my card. What is more concerning that a charge of $1.44 was added then removed, then another charge of $1 was added. Can you please advise...

Boingo Wireless / Unsolicited Charges

mm812urray on Oct 17, 2016
These crooks charged my daughter and she's never even heard of them. doing a search took me no time to find several complaints, so we wont bother calling the BOGUS 800-880-4117 that wont get us any where. Calling the bank and reporting them to them. charged 10/15 Bank is in agreement...

Usenet.nl / Music service fraud

andyboys on Oct 17, 2016
I cancelled my subscription with this company and all seemed ok until a couple of moths later when I got an email stating I owe 1 years subscription. I thought this was just a mistake and contacted them. They were unable to speak English and advised to call another time. This I did again...

DonnaPlay.com / Donnaplay subscription

Mary Clarke-Miller on Oct 16, 2016
Hi I have a charge showing on my Visa for Donnaplay and I have no recollection of signing up for this and have no way to access a fictitious account to unsubscribe - i went back to check earlier months and see that I have been charged at least since last April - i did not spot as I get the...

Telkom / Payment

Tumelo Ryan Mokonyane on Oct 16, 2016
The past months i was charged R139 fee on top of my installment for debits not going through even if i paid by hand before the 7th.I laid a complain that the bank also charged me R115 for that transaction but was ignored. Its best to cancel a debit order to pay by hand as i have up and down issues in my bank account

Wly*completesave.co.uk / They have taken money out of my bank account without authorisation

Kaelin on Oct 14, 2016
On 6.10.16 a transaction appeared on my bank statement. The transaction was WLY complete save co uk withdrew $25.95 Australian dollars 15 GBP including overseas tax of 0.76 AUD. The rest of the text stated direct marketing continuity subscription merchant. This is an unauthorised transaction, I...

Circle K-Pine Ridge, S.C. / Attendant at register

sebring99 on Oct 14, 2016
October 14, 2016 12:15 p.m.; 12:18 p.m. Order #603081 I went inside to pay for gas for my truck with a Vanilla gift car. I initially paid for $15.00 of gas. The pump didn't want to work so I hung it back up and went back inside. The attendant informed me I had to re-scan my card again for...

YuppTV / I got into a trap with yupptv that I need to pay 10$ for every device activation

Umapathy Selvamoni on Oct 12, 2016
It is a trap that I have subscribed for yupptv. These guys are just trying to milk you. You need to pay 10$ for every device that you activate it. I have subscribed for 6 months package..Seriously!!. First time, that I hear this sh..t from any online streaming company. So, I want to cancel it and I cant cancel as it is bought as package.

Verizon Wireless / Wireless prepaid service

ekecia on Oct 12, 2016
I called verizon omen 10/10/16 to set up a new prepaid account, and The first rep that I had spoken to said everything was fine instructed after asking for my credit card instructed me to turn off the phone put the sim card in phone and my account would be activated; unfortunately that...

Tlg Great Fun / Fraudulent charges on my credit card

FlapperT on Oct 10, 2016
I was alerted by Etrade Fraud Prevention regarding a reoccurring charge of $16.99 that ETrade declines from TLG Great Fun. I was online looking at concert ticket prices through one of my website sources called LiveNation.com who is affiliated with this company called TLG Great Fun...

Safety Services Company / No contract, no service but they keep billing me.

DeborahCoates on Oct 10, 2016
I called this company requesting information about becoming safety compliant in order to bid large contracts for our new company.  I never signed any contract, nor have they provided me with any services.  I then requested two other bids for the same services, and was surprised when the bid...

Eskom / Eskom bill more than doubled after smart meter installation

GeeKuts on Oct 10, 2016
On 25th August I received my August statement reflecting a balance owing of R15408.18. I immediately called Eskom and spoke to a lady by the name of Adele (call reference 181249865) who says that she will escalate the query (which was a complete lie) according to her the system states that...

Complete Save / Unauthorised charges

stel71 on Oct 10, 2016
for over a year now this company have been taking £15 a month from my account withount my permission, i used my debit card to buy train tickets from a company called train.com after i purchased the tickets i was asked if i would like to claim £10 off my next train ride and i i use the train...

YP Yellow Pages / Invoices for advertising that we did not ever sign up for, agree too or approve

SuzyQued on Oct 9, 2016
I have been receiving "invoices" from US Yellow for over three years. Like everyone else on here, I have not ever subscribed for advertising of any kind with this company or any other yellow pages. They are committing mail fraud!! They simply mail their phony invoices with a name of their...

My Perfect Resume / Unauthorised deductions

devgop on Oct 7, 2016
I signed up for a one-off resume for my grand-son in April 2016 for US$1.95 from My Perfect Resume. I have just noticed a monthly deduction of $29.80 for the past 9 months from the Credit card from this company. I did not sign up for this. I notice on the net so many others are in thi...

Aca Clearinghouse / Unauthorized charges

Stephanie Iderosa on Oct 7, 2016
10/05/2016Ach web-single I don't know what this means but I am being charged forty dollars. I need this resolved, what should I do?I am on a limited income and I can't afford to have my money just thrown away!Please let me know. Godsbaby80@yahoo.com

Cox Media Group / COX billing fraud

A18 on Oct 7, 2016
I have a $800+ debt for cable service, but I was incarcerated from 2000-2015 I have a VDOC state number to prove it would've been impossible for me to order and receive anything, please remove this debt form your records and notify transfusion, equalfax, ect. of the fraud and removal.
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Foreclosure Rip-off: First the Banks, Now the Lawyers
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