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Unauthorized Charges Complaints

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ADP TotalPay Card / Money just disappears from my card.

beachfront on 2016-02-06
When I go to use my card many times I discover there's no money left or a lot less than I should have. I check my balance often to make sure how much I have left, then when I go to check out at a business the card shows I have no money left. On my account activity there are 3 charges made...

fastecigs / e-cigarette

ronald taylor on 2016-02-06
i got the e-cigarette for 4.95, the shipping cost, than was suppose to be billed 59'00 for refills, and if i canceled before, i would have to pay full price for the cigarette kit, so i was going to wait until after the 59.00 waqs taken then cancel, but i see they took 99.00 on my card, no where did they say anything about 99.00

North Texas Tollway Authority / Billing

grekgodes on 2016-02-04
Billing at NTTA is criminal because it looks for ways to fine you and hold you accountable for hundreds in fees and fines. Been trying to work with them for years on why they seem to not be able to charge my account as they have done for years previous. Since they say they can't...

B&D Security / They took money from my card and failed to install the equipment

Reviewer61194 on 2016-02-03
I wouldn’t advise to deal with the company B&D Security. We had the contract that this company would provide the security equipment and would install it within one week. They have changed the date couple of times and still haven’t installed the equipment. Also, they have charged my...

www.simplesite.com / They took money for the upgrade and didn’t show the price on the website

Reviewer74333 on 2016-02-03
I signed up for www.simplesite.com and this subscription cost me only $2, 99. After that I started to create my own website and wanted to add some of the products, but it showed that I needed to upgrade my account. I clicked ok and waited that there would be sum and details about the...

Beauty Truth / This company two bogus charges and I cancelled the card in order to stop them

Reviewer29392 on 2016-02-03
I have ordered face cream from Beauty Truth and when I paid, I indicated my details there, so the information has been saved by the seller. After money was taken from the card and I got the order, I checked the account again and found two unauthorized charges. These charges were taken by...

Cadence Premier Cargo Inc / They stole my hardly-earned money

Reviewer56080 on 2016-02-03
I started to work for the company Cadence Premier Cargo Inc. couple of months ago. The first month, they were polite and helpful, but after the first payment they started to threaten me and behaved very dishonestly. They stole huge amount of money from my last check. They found many...

Atomic Boxing / The owner took money and didn’t send any weight loss program

Reviewer40563 on 2016-02-03
People, be aware!!! I have signed up for the program, which was offered by Atomic Boxing. I was sure that I signed up for the weight loss program. There were different photos of before and after, and you could see how the person has changed. I have wired money and waited for the detail...

www.lovespellsbykellystar.com / She owner took money from me and her spells were scam

Reviewer51236 on 2016-02-03
I contacted Kelly and asked her to help with my boyfriend. I contacted her through www.lovespellsbykellystar.com. This lady took money from me and asked to pay every week, but my problem remained the same. At first I wired money through Money Gram and told my boyfriend’s name. After that...

Burkey Marine Group / He hasn’t fixed the boat and stole all my money

Reviewer34167 on 2016-02-03
I hired Burkey Marine Group to repair my boat and this owner stole money and left the boat as it was. It still isn’t running and I am trying to fix it. I have paid for the parts as well, but after this owner vanished, I didn’t find these parts and I bought them again. I have filled...

Busuu.com / Fraud

xxxIvanxxx on 2016-02-03
Busuu.comHello, I've been a premium Busuu user for a year. On january 25th (about 10 days ago), they wrote me an e-mail announcing that my yearly membership would've been renewed. Since I don't use the website anymore, I opened my account only to CANCEL my membership in my...

MyPerfectResume / Charged after cancelling service

Reviewer84589 on 2016-02-02
I used MyPerfectResume to build two resumes and two cover letter for multiple career goals. I paid the 3.95 to download the resumes and cancelled the subscription in 5 days. The company billed my bank card for 68.00 even though I cancelled. This has been a disaster for me as I did not have...

Freeshipping.com / Unauthorized credit cards charges

infotechweb on 2016-02-02
Apparently I have been scammed with unauthorized credit card charges from freeshipping.com on two of my credit cards. I never have been a subscriber to that service. My Discover Credit Card and my American Express Card are charged every month with $12.97. I never have received by email or...

Truedressnet.com / Fraudulent Charge

Reviewer71742 on 2016-02-02
Noticed a charge of $9.95 on my bank account. Called the number, in California, and had someone with an accent answer. I told them of the charge, asked them what it was for and when was the order placed. It was for sunglasses (which I don't wear) and placed at 5:47am (EST) on a Sunday...

Multichoice / DSTV - Incorrect billing

Eugene Steyn on 2016-02-02
I was on Family Bouquet during last year 2015. During December and January 2016 I requested that Multichoice upgrade the service to Premium Bouquet for the festive period during December 2015 and January 2016. This was done and the subscription was paid by debit order. During January I...

Freeshipping.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

infotechweb on 2016-02-01
Apparently I have been scammed with unauthorized credit card charges from freeshipping.com. I never have been a subscriber to that service. My Discover Credit Card is charged every month with $12.97. I contacted by email the customer service and asked for a cancellation of such...

Naughtydate.com / Unauthrorized charges

khani on 2016-01-31
This is a complete fraud from this site Naughtydate.com Flirt.com They taking credit card details to activate an account and offering free account and no charges. Late in just few days they silently charging the card. Complete fraud.

Freeshipping.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

Reviewer54780 on 2016-01-30
I was charged $12.97 from "IC *FREESHIPPING.COM 800-515-9185 CT". The only information I have is the name of the website that took the money from my account on 1/27/16. Please refund me my amount. I did not purchase or subscribe to anything.

1500Cash.ca / Payday Lender

Reviewer54669 on 2016-01-29
I applied for money from them. Part of the application process is agreeing to a PAD in the amount of the repay. I NEVER received any funds from them, nor did I receive an email confirming or rejecting my application. I checked my bank account the day my pay was deposited, and $398.50 wa...

Peoplefinders.com / Monthly Billing of Service not DIsclosed

barrymart on 2016-01-28
I am terribly embarrassed to say that I only just now noticed I have been charged $24.95 each month since 2/14/2015 by CFK People Finders. I am NOT aware of having authorized this payment even once, let alone for an entire year. I suspect, but cannot confirm, that I used their service one...
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