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Unauthorized Charges Complaints

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Penske Truck Rentals / Gasoline

Edward Anderson on 2016-05-04
We returned the Penske truck with a FULL TANK (at the pump, once full, it clicks off, statinng tank is full), and we looked at the inside of the tank where the gas is, and it WAS FULL!!! We could see the gasoline at the top! We were charged for 12 gallons of fuel x $8.00 equaling $96.00...

Tru Belleza / Tru Belleza-Collection of Credit Card Info for Samples then using it for UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES

Brenda Brownell on 2016-05-04
I ordered the "free" samples and provided my credit card info for shipping charges. Now Tru Belleza (under the name of "clearskin London" ) has processed a new charge for $149 Can for some unknown product I didn't order. I do not find the sample products effective and have no intention of...

Volcan Health / Testadrox TR and Megadrox TR Unauthorized Recurring Charges

RJ M on 2016-05-03
An online advertisement stated one could try these products for shipping cost only. The products were shipped and the stated shipping cost posted to my credit card account. The company has now without my authorization continued to bill my credit card for further charges that were never...

DonnaPlay / Unauthorized credit card charge

Wayne Watson on 2016-05-03
I partially signed up for donnaplay. I realized that it was nothing I was interested in but they authorized a 5 day free trial. I tried cancelling but it obviously did not happen and now I have a charged on my account that I did not authorize.

ConsumerReports.org / Fraudulent billing practices

Sparkknock on 2016-05-02
I signed up for the single month subscription, used it for the better part of a week, and then cancelled as instructed. A month later I was re-billed the for another month of usage. I have gone back into my account and once again set it to not renew my subscription. I have also contacted my...

CCBill EU / Unauthorized credit card charges

Daniel Riley on 2016-05-02
On 05/01/2016 I was checking my account on the Internet, so I pulled up my bank statement, so I can start paying my normal monthly bills. I am a Disabled Veteran so I don't receive a lot of money, I am on a fixed income so I have to live month by month. When I pulled up my statement I saw...

www.lilplay.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

Wandafay on 2016-04-29
Downloaded program when I had to install the player to watch... said they would not charge me unless I ordered movies. Received my Statement today and they charged me $20.95 on April 15, 2016. I had deleted the program as soon as I realized I did not see the movie. I want this reported and...

AT&T / Uverse TV

Gigi Abrogina on 2016-04-29
I am very frustrated with the AT&T Uverse customer support. On Monday, April 25th, my internet service was cut off. I came to realize that I was month behind my bill, and the amount of total due was $390 something dollars. I was very shocked because, I was only supposed to pay for...

AT&T / U Verse

Tamanna Hasin on 2016-04-28
I did request for uverse TV for my home on January 29th, 2016, after several attempt because of connection issue they were able to do the installation on February 18th 2016. After I receive service I wasn't happy with it at all. It was getting frozen every 2 min, I was surviving. I...

Freelancer.com / Deduct my money by manipulation

Emak0707 on 2016-04-26
Freelancer.comHello, i was bid on a first project of today i was seen one more check box below price its about to send a message to client from freelancer to highlight your bid and its tagged with FREE so it means if i use that i dont have to pay anything its FREE but when i click on submit it...

DonnaPlay / Unauthorized credit card usage

Steve Reis on 2016-04-25
i signed up for a free trial, with credit card ... i did not sign up for a "donnaplay account" for you folks to charge the account a few months later, at $ 29.95 a few months later... i have M/S, and 67 yrs old... i try, and watch any of these type of accounts very close as i'v...

Glyde / Buying a phone

Planet Zero on 2016-04-25
I attempted to buy a used phone. I was informed three days later that my account had raised "red flags" in their "third party software". All my information was correct and I have never in my entire life of buying things on the web have had a similar problem. To add onto the absurdity, they...

Windstream Communications / Unauthorized 3rd-party "cramming" charge on Windstream bill

UnhappyCamper123 on 2016-04-25
Windstream CommunicationsI had an unauthorized 3rd-party charge on my 03/10/16 Windstream bill. It was $73.99 for an alleged 11 minute phone call to "050586568030" which is not an actual telephone number. I only have DSL internet through Windstream and have no telephone with which to make a call. I called Windstream...

Completesave.co.uk / Taking monthly debits from my bank account

dbritt on 2016-04-25
I have just phoned my bank to stop this scamming company from taking any more monthly payments from my bank, they took two payments of £15 in April 2016. I was not aware i signed up with this company, but my wife reckons this was done by Argos website, she thought she was filling a form in to...

Redbubble / Customer Serive

Sydnee Kirby on 2016-04-22
I had ordered some stuff from the website and it was having trouble taking my credit card because of "address differences" well it sure didnt have any trouble charging my card THREE times!!! I tried to contact customer service but their website was conventionally down. There is no contact...

Payoneer / Unnecessary fees and charges!

Shafeeka on 2016-04-22
If you are a person who values your time AND money, then I advice you against using Payoneer. It is a scam and I have a list of complaints about it. *Firstly, I had never used Payoneer before. And the very first time I used it, half of my funds were deducted for ANNUAL CHARGES. It seem...

TxTag / Toll road

Bruce Rawdon on 2016-04-22
I received a bill from txtag and paid it. I continued to receive bills. I could not use their txtag.org site. It was always down. No one would ever answer when calling their number provided on their statement. When if finally get to talk to someone they tell me I paid on another account...

Etisalat / Hypo Line

HFM on 2016-04-21
We would like to highlight the issue regarding Etisalat hypo line that hasn’t been resolved until now. We shifted to our new office last March although it’s the same building just different floor along with it we shifted all our accounts (DEWA and Etisalat line to our new office) so we proce...

H&R Block / Basic 1040 Tax Return Fee overcharge of $217.00 dollars

annmarie7 on 2016-04-21
April 18, 2016 date of incident April 19, 2016 first call made to resolve problem...ignored April 20, 2016 second call made to resolve problem ..ignored April 21, 2016 filing this complaint H&H Block, Crecent City, florida...office # 08985, Phone # 386-328-3966 I have used H&R Block to...

Avast / Billing

Julie Griffin 1 on 2016-04-21
Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you to explain that I have recently been charged twice for the same avast service. I was charged on the 23rd March 2016 for £34.99 by a company called 'Newway' on my paypal account and have also received an email confirming this. My order number...
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