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Unauthorized Charges Complaints

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Omega Xl / Over Priced and keep Charging My GrandMothers CC

BrocktonBeat on 2016-06-18
First off the product is way overpriced you can receive Krill Omega 3 for under $20 a month. My Grandmother order her first order and she said she didn;t want to order anymore. Well its been three months later and they keep charging her for a total of $320. I called the company up and they...

Twoo / Twoo Premium

Kevin Antony on 2016-06-18
TwooUnauthorized charges applied as per attachment below. I've deleted my account but these charges still incurred. Please refund these charges and cancel my subscription ASAP.

American On Line / Unauhtorized credit card charges

Sergey Pugach on 2016-06-17
On October 10, 2015 I started to use AOL 30 days free internet service (I ordered it by phone and it was no appropriate e-mail confirmation). During my phone conversation the company representative ask me to give them my credit card information explaining that otherwise I can not get their...

Multichoice / unauthorised charges

aliceurj on 2016-06-17
I have two decoders and this month i couldnt afford to pay so i called on the 31may to ask them not to debit, the lady promised that they wont. On the 2nd of june i get a message from my bank saying that multichoice returned fees, meaning they took money but because there was notwin the...

Vodacom / Vodacom

Mckenzie21 on 2016-06-17
I cancelled my Vodacom contract in Feb 2016 and did not renew. I contacted the call centre after sending the email as well in March when I was billed for one month. After being transferred and explaining my case to approximately 9 different agents I was then cut off the phone. then 6...

True Belleza / True Belleza

Georgina Reynolds on 2016-06-16
May 19th, 2016, May24, 2016 Unauthorized Visa Card charges. Coming from a company in London ...not with an business done with me. Like all the others who have filed complaints ... mine is the same. I ordered the Free Sample...pay shipping only. There was no mention there was a charge if the...

Verizon / Boost Mobile / They do this with any and all products and services they offer...

thegreatoz on 2016-06-12
Warning: Rant about the new customer service philosophies that big corporations hold (it's all about the money). I used to work in customer service where we were told "the customer is always right". Now, after a multitude of dealings with customer service with big companies like...

Bamplay.com / Fradulent charges to my credit card

Tracy Wise on 2016-06-11
I just received my statement for my credit card due to other charges my son had made on my card that I was ok with ..I was charged 34.95 3 different months that I did not authorize hell I never even heard of this website ..I called them and they tell me I set up an account for gaming ..so...

Tru Belleza / Unauthorized credit card charges

Michelle Bajart on 2016-06-11
UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES ON CREDITCARDS BY TRU BELLEZA On April 18th, I have ordered a trial dose from TRU BELLEZA at $11.69. Afterward, successive $148 amounts (in May 1st), $136.61 3mai, 154.60 (31-05-2016 and $136.15 were deduct from my Visa card and deposited on their bank account in the...

Keranique / Keranique fraudulant charges

lraekim on 2016-06-11
First they tried to use my Paypal account but was refused. But somehow they got my credit card and used this. I got a notification from Visa so i tried to stop the shipment. Keranique said it already shipped and to call once i receive it. When it arrived, i called again to close any...

Bangoog / A FALCON 250

Marc Santarello on 2016-06-11
same here I bought a drone falcon 250 and the remote didn't work been 3 months now ..all I get it .we get back to you soon ..bangood is not a company ..it is 1 man working out of his house making it look like a company..do not order from bangood ..I garentee you will regret it time to 2nd a bomb clear um out again

Beverly Sheppard / YouTube g.co/payhelp#CAUS

Beverly Sheppard on 2016-06-10
This showed up as a description in my bank account with two payments of $2.10 equating to $4.20 on 6/5/2016. My account is with Redstone Federal Credit Union. I would like this refunded. I did not make this transaction. I also would like any further transactions to be permanently...

NTTA / overcharing

drewzer on 2016-06-10
at least once every three months I have to call the ntta about credit card numbers or expiration dates the first thing they ask for and will not proceed without is my phone number an drivers license number followed by my e-mail. They email me to let me know that my card is not working it...

Nexway / Avast / Unauthorised payment

Maxine101 on 2016-06-09
Hi my name Is Maxine. On the 10June 2016 Nexwayand Advast have taken out $69.99 out of my debit visa account. I do not remember giving my permission for this to occur. I downloaded the free Avast to keep my Computer Clean. I have been in and out of hospital and do not remember receiving...

Regus / 12 months contract

aniazlan on 2016-06-08
I have reached out to Regus Uxbridge office in England on the 22nd April and have told the area manager, the sales manager and the director of Hillingdon that I have been a victim of fraud to open a business franchise and have been made aware on the 22nd April and this is when I informed...

DonnaPlay / Cancellation

I want to cancel my account but it wont let me, nothing on the site is accessible.

AccountNow / Negligence and theft

Barbara Nelson 52 on 2016-06-06
Account now has not only compromised my account by stealing $800, they lied about closing the account, have had extra transactions posting after the account was "closed" and now have to close my account right before my direct deposit is to hit my account, leaving me without a way to...

Dish Network / Dish Customer Service/Policies

Robert Pittman Tome on 2016-06-06
When I moved, I canceled my Dish network service. I knew I would have return my equipment, you always do, no problem. Before I received my boxes from Dish to return my equipment, they took $445.00 out of my account without my knowledge, when I went to pay my mortgage and my money was gone...

Freelancer.com / Project fees are non-refundable whether a project is complete, incomplete, canceled or revoked

Adam_K on 2016-06-06
My account was charged $60 ($11 of which was taken from my freelancer account and the remaining amount from my PayPal) with no confirmation or anything. As soon as I hit "accept project" the fees were deducted. I wasn't given any sort of heads up about the project fee or anything. Then...

Aircel / unauthorized subscription of fun tb masti mall and full song download pack without my consent

Pritima Mishra on 2016-06-04
I have got three messages of fun tv mastii mall and full song pack subscription and the messages was that Thanku for subsribing fun tv masti mall and full song pack.Rs75 has been deducted from my account and service will be auto renewed after 7 days with same charges.But I have not...
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