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Bharti Airtel / Landline

AGMindustries on Nov 5, 2015
Gnanasekaran 04224383309 agmindustries@yahoo.com We took the airtel landline connection in the month of July for the first month the bill is Rs.654.for the second month the bill is Rs.1138 for the third month (Sep'15) Rs.1341 and for the month of Oct Rs.1713. the plan what we...

Reliance Communications Limited / Cdma connection termination

sapan namdeo on Nov 3, 2015
i want to terminate my cdma sim no.9977527453, , , , ple tearminate my number ...dear sir maine apka connection ka use bhi nahi kiya fir bhi mujse forced karke apki company ke thourgh mujse 935 rs..ka payment karaya gay, , , aj 3/11/15 ko mai pora payment kar diya, , , hai ple ab mera...

Telus / Customer Service for New accounts and for current accounts

Reviewer22817 on Nov 2, 2015
On Oct. 27th, 29th and Nov. 2nd my niece has been shuffled to no less than 5 different customer service and technical reps while trying to get her phone and internet set up on an already established account. She had just moved to where I live in central BC and when she closed her service...

Autopage / Poor service and excessive data charges

Reviewer73542 on Nov 1, 2015
I have been charged for data excessively and can not get a clear answer from Autopage where and how data was used. I had an additional 1 Gig loaded, but was charged a R175 for data about a week later. I use my office wifi 95% of the time and use the data on this line with extreme...

Telkom Mobile / Complete lack of service from Retentions Department

LexyR on Oct 31, 2015
Photos more Primary Telkom mobile R Ramoroka, Lexy to lexyramoroka@gmail.com 15 hours ago Details It seems the only time one can get the attention of Telkom Mobile is by voicing my dissatisfaction out on social media, so here goes… Yet again APPALLING ‘service from Telkom Mobile!!! a Following...

Verizon Fios / Customer Service

Reviewer74485 on Oct 30, 2015
I have had the service for 5 months. Every month they keep charging me for equipment I don't have. Every month they say it's taken care of but the following month I have to call again. The customer service reps could care less that I keep having to call every month. The true resolution i...

Cirro Energy / Customer Service

Reviewer80993 on Oct 28, 2015
I contacted Cirro customer service about 2-$10 charges they wanted on top of a late charge for a late payment. I spoke with a representative that explained that when I am late on a payment and they send out a late payment notice, I not only have to pay a late fee but also a $10 charge for...

eFax / J2 Global

Reviewer49884 on Oct 27, 2015
October 27, 2015 i called into customer service to ask why my account was charged for the service that i cancelled on September 13, 2015. They then asked for a confirmation number which i did not have. They said because i don't have a confirmation number that i have to pay for the...

FOX Sports / NFL programming

WaywardCajun on Oct 25, 2015
Today, 25 Oct, FoxSports interrupted the third quarter of the New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts game to tell viewers they were no longer covering this game in order to take us to a "more competitive game" and immediately switched to Washington vs Tampa Bay. While I understand...

Globe Telecom / Dissatisfaction with the bills received

MommyMonica on Oct 23, 2015
I previously have HP (unlimited calls to Globe/TM) & ADSL (2mbps) service with Globe Telecom for P 1, 199.00/month. I have the service from January til May 2015 and been a good payer til we need to moved house 30th of May 2015. I called Globe Customer Service and talked to one of their...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone / PLDT My Dsl / No Internet Connection for 3 weeks and Billing Adjustment Immediately

Ida Blasco on Oct 22, 2015
Philippine Long Distance TelephoneSince October 8, we don't have DSL connection so I started calling PLDT Customer Service everyday from October 9. Until today (October 23) PLDT Technical team are not making any action to fix our problem. I've been calling the Customer Service several times and as of today I already have 3...

Altech Autopage / Faulty Goods/ device

Jason Van Rooyen on Oct 22, 2015
I cannot believe that I have to resort to this yet again. I have had endless problems with a brand new device I had upgraded to. The device was hardly 6months old and has been booked in 3x already. I was adviced that it may be a factory default. As a result I have been without a device for...

Century Link / Monthly bill

Mandm Wynn on Oct 21, 2015
I was told that my monthly bill would be 20 dollars a month, I added caller ID, for 10.00 more a month which should have been 33.33, but now was told that my bill is 45, 87. I was told that the federal charges would be 10.87. Taxes and Federal. Seriously? 10.87?

Telkom / Domain Email for Business

Reviewer59069 on Oct 19, 2015
We have logged calls since 8 October with Telkom Business, Since Thursday 15 Oct when we phone to follow-up the call we are informed that the call were escalated. Phone 5 times this morning, and all 5 times the persons cutt me off. I still cannot receive any emails, this is a business and...

Telkom / Refund on my application that I cancelled three weeks ago

Reviewer64838 on Oct 18, 2015
I applied for a land line and went back numerous times to find out why nobody was contacting me, I then went back again after nearly four weeks only for them to tell me there was an outstanding bill for around R400.00 (four hundred rand) from the year 2000. I explained that I knew nothing...

Telkom / Problem with our internet dropping out every few minutes!!!!!

Reviewer73347 on Oct 18, 2015
We went to your store for Help, advice, or even to purchase new modem this morning ( Sunday 18th October) Sadly the sales man was unhelpful, disinterested, and pretty rude!!! The state of the store after renovations is nothing but chaotic, people have no idea where to stand in the que, a...

XLN Telecom / Quality of service Broadband and Telephone

Bob Wales on Oct 15, 2015
I've had a business telecoms account with XLN Telecom for 6 years and have noticed recently that the IP address allocated by their system was being listed as a Spam related address and so was being blocked by our website host - meaning we could not access emails or manage our website...

Tech Service Today / Service Installation of Wireless

Anthony John664 on Oct 14, 2015
I do not know where to start. This company is a complete joke. My company has several location in California. We were essentially tricked into doing business with them from on of their talented salesmen. This person persuaded us to believe that they had seasoned technicians, which they may...

BBG Communications / Payphone scam

Reviewer82275 on Oct 13, 2015
Yesterday (12th October 2015) I made a phone call to home with a payphone owned by BBG at Brighton main station, as my phone had ran out of credit and couldn't call home. I didn't have the correct change on me so I used my VISA debit card. It was only a 1 minute call, yet it...

NetOne / Injustice

khalil111 on Oct 7, 2015
Hello, I bought a box tv named ZAAP CLOUD (receiver Arab channels via internet) with an amount of 355 US dollar phone of Mohamed abd elghani card visa officer who works at the company NetOne ineternational orlando of countries USA I have all the proven purchasing and transaction number...
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