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Morgan Performance Horses / This person lies and sends fake pictures

Reviewer64338 on 2016-01-16
Stay away from Morgan Performance Horses/ Angela Morgan. We reached this lady and asked about the horses. She sent different pictures and advised to buy one horse. She said all of them were healthy and got proper training. One day we asked if we could come to see these horses and he excuse...

Paraxel International Corporation / They still haven’t provided the test results

Reviewer99426 on 2016-01-16
I got the letter from Paraxel International Corporation that I can participate in blood and urine screening test. They said that it would take only 10 minutes and I would be able to get the results 4 days after the test. I called them 6 days after the test and at the beginning no one...

Pristine Agency / These guys are scammers, so don’t sign up for their services

Reviewer84608 on 2016-01-16
We attended the presentation of Pristine Agency and they offered free tickets to any country. But we needed to subscribe for them and my husband and I have paid $2, 500 for the subscription. After that the agent said that we have 4 days to cancel it, but when we tried to do it, the agent...

www.globaldaigaku.com / He promised the student recruitment fair, but 7 days before it he cancelled everything

Reviewer25286 on 2016-01-16
We emailed James Yellowlees I www.globaldaigaku.com and asked about student recruitment in Tokyo. The start was persuasive, but when it came time to pay the rep started to call us every day and asked for money. One month before the fair, he hasn’t even collected all necessary information...

ASTCS Co Talent Consulting / This company has scammed many people and their ads are fake

Reviewer98456 on 2016-01-16
I got the email from my friend, who said that the company ASTCS Co Talent Consulting searched for the employees. He said that I could try and he provided the link. I opened the website and looked suspicious. So, I made some research and found that this address belonged to completely...

Gavins Poodles / This man stole all the photos from my website

Reviewer35919 on 2016-01-16
I am puppies’ breeder and have my own website. Couple of weeks ago I have opened the company Gavins Poodles. I checked this website and have found many of the pictures, which were posted on my website and belonged to me. I emailed the owner and said that it wasn’t professional and...

Gryphon Energetics / Another scamming company, which wants only money

Reviewer40476 on 2016-01-15
Do not order from Gryphon Energetics. I got the offer from this company and after I spoke with the seller, who explained everything and has even given me some advices, I transferred money to this company. That’s all what I have received from this company. No emails, no phone calls and no...

Wayne Hanning / He asked for help and stole money

Reviewer27482 on 2016-01-15
Don’t send money to Wayne Hanning. I believed this man and agreed to wire him $500. It was such a mistake. He disappeared after that and I heard really nothing. I searched about him in the Internet and couldn’t find the email address. He sent me emails, but this email didn’t work...

TapJoy / Kill Shot Bravo

Reviewer77400 on 2016-01-13
I completed one of Tapjoy's offers on Kill Shot Bravo for Gold Bars on Glossy Bingo, it's now been 48 hours + and after contacting Kill shot bravo help desk(who are Hopeless)and 3 e mails to Tapyoy and 1 private message on Facebook guess what nothing, I wish I had checked before taking out...

800 Service / very sophisticated scam

Reviewer89562 on 2016-01-12
Man are they persistent. They call every day once or twice from every changing numbers - 1 877 641 xxxx. When you call them back, they tell you they installed something that they need to remove. They will not take you off their call list They will tell you through your IP address all other...

402-998-5021 / Scam caller

Reviewer45011 on 2016-01-11
This number called me, immediately said sorry I have the wrong number and hung up. Five minutes later I get a call from an 877 number. Thousands of people are getting this call and if you google the number you will see it is a real problem. Stop them please it is obviously a scam of some kind.

RGO Genuis / They stole money after the cancellation

Reviewer28662 on 2016-01-10
I made a big mistake, when I subscribed for RGO Genuis. I have paid one fee of $1, 70 and it was mentioned that they would take anything else. As well as I was able to cancel the subscription at any time. However, after I have cancelled the subscription, I found out that this company ha...

Cortland Advisors In / They scam people like this. Their offer was rip off

Reviewer43659 on 2016-01-10
I have received the phone call from Cortland Advisors Inc. The agent immediately announced that I was approved for the credit. The agent said that I needed the copy of my ID and after 3 days he requested the secure deposit. I was suspicious about this company and decided to check them. Be...

www.dropcatch.com / I wasted $800 and didn’t get the domain

Reviewer25196 on 2016-01-10
Run from www.dropcatch.com. I thought that I would get the domain only for $78, but the staff misled me. Within the whole process they have charged me for $800 and I still have no domain. I wonder if there are others, who believed them and were left with nothing. I really hope that someone...

Professional Dancers Association / My friend wasted money when she wanted to join this company

Reviewer50126 on 2016-01-10
The company Professional Dancers Association turned to be real scam. My friend wanted to join them and contacted the owner. My friend is professional dancer and she has worked in different companies and worked as a tutor as well. But the worst thing that the owner said to pay the entrance...

Scrypy CC / I wasted money and found out that their services are the worst

Reviewer20094 on 2016-01-10
I have sent $400 in bitcoins to SCRYPY CC. I didn’t get any response or details that they have received my money. I was shocked, because these guys started to ignore my emails and thought that this company has good customer services, but they have nothing. They like to scam their...

SGI Co Inc / This man lied, scammed and stole money

Reviewer11217 on 2016-01-10
Be aware that the owner of SGI Co Inc. is very dishonest and likes to scam people. This man came to my mother and asked if she wanted to remodel the bathroom. He started the job and asked my mother to provide the funds for the materials and job. My mother gave details to this man and he...

www.unlimitedaccounts.co.uk / The seller doesn’t ship or confirm the order

Reviewer47802 on 2016-01-10
Stay as far as possible from such scamming website as www.unlimitedaccounts.co.uk. I have ordered from this site and have wasted all my savings. I have paid $4, 000 for the order and this seller hasn’t even shipped the order. I knew it exactly, because this man hasn’t confirmed the...

sitNcycle / scam

amir09 on 2016-01-02
I saw the ad for the sitNcycle, went online to look at it as they were giving a 30 day Trial offer for 19. 99. The full price of the thing was NOT SHOWING on that page so I clicked the next and saw that I had ordered this product for $259. 89. This was 9:50 Pm. I called to cancel the order...

Christopher Zeh Associates PC / The work hasn’t been done and the company wouldn’t release my money now

Reviewer63357 on 2016-01-02
The company Christopher Zeh Associates PC turned to be another scam. I have made the agreement with them about the services and the company received the payment from me. I thought that they would start the job meantime. But they haven’t started it and didn’t provide any news or update...
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