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Radweb Technologies LLC / Waste of money

Reviewer78128 on 2016-02-19
Don’t deal with the company Radweb Technologies LLC. I worked with them and their managers weren’t professional and stole a lot of my money. It was the worst decision, which I have ever accepted. The managers were professional and they knew how to get more money from me. I am so upset that...

www.runedivination.com / The psychic talked too much about the astrology

Reviewer56202 on 2016-02-19
I wasn’t satisfied with www.runedivination.com. I have contacted psychic and her reading started very good. However, after couple of minutes she started to speak about astrology and I tried to change the theme, but she continued and didn’t hear me. I said that I would hang up if she didn’t...

www.primepsychic.com / Medium was too rude with me

Reviewer98603 on 2016-02-19
I searched for the medium and the friend advised me to use www.primepsychic.com. I understand that the mediums are very strange people, but I didn’t like how the medium spoke with me. She was rude and interrupted me all the time. I tried to correct her, but she started to yell. It was terrible...

www.yespsychic.com / She found the man, who was a thief

Reviewer80542 on 2016-02-19
I registered on www.yespsychic.com. I spoke with psychic Natalie and she said that she would find me the husband, because I was desperate and alone. She found the guy, who was interesting and handsome, but he was a thief. We met couple of times, and each time some of the items disappeared...

www.runedivination.com / Scam. Waste of time and money

Reviewer50860 on 2016-02-19
I recently found the website www.runedivination.com. I contacted the psychic and Ariannais was so positive. She started to tell me everything and I was shocked that almost everything was true, but suddenly she told me such non-sense that I didn’t expect. After that she continued to tell some...

www.qualitypsychic.com / This website charges money from clients

Reviewer90469 on 2016-02-19
The website www.qualitypsychic.com is another scamming company, which takes money from the clients. My mum told me about the website and she said that she had different appointments with the psychic. I checked the content of the website and was surprised to see that there was only couple...

www.salontrip.com / It was scam and I didn’t get free mascara or voucher

Reviewer82994 on 2016-02-19
I made the booking for hair cut through the website www.salontrip.com. I got the email afterwards that I was a lucky winner of MaxLash mascara and voucher for $50. I didn’t expect it, but it was pleasant. It was also mentioned that I would get within 2-4 days. I patiently waited and got nothing...

Specialty Inspections / The inspector made too many errors in the reports

Reviewer24295 on 2016-02-19
Guys, stay away from Specialty Inspections. Their guys came to my house and told that they would make the inspections. I was shocked to find out that they knew completely nothing about the houses and their construction. Also, they made several mistakes in the reports and when I asked the...

www.preferredpc.info / The company attacked computers on purpose

Reviewer62311 on 2016-02-19
I want to inform all people that the company www.preferredpc.info is very tricky and scamming. They have attacked my computer on purpose and after that they offered their services. But they haven’t able to fix the problems and I only wasted money. After sometime I only found some reviews about...

www.ifixo.com / The agent scammed me and said my computer was fixed, but it wasn’t

Reviewer66323 on 2016-02-19
I contacted the team of www.ifixo.com, when my computer broke. I spoke with the young man, who explained the procedure and told me that I shouldn’t worry about it, they were professionals. Ok, I gave my access to the computer and within couple of hours I heard nothing from them. Three hour...

www.elagoondigital.com / They got money and became unreachable

Reviewer32990 on 2016-02-19
I got the phone call from tele agents from www.elagoondigital.com. The agents offered free Google local listing services. The agent assured me that it was for free, but I needed to wire them subscription fee and use it within unlimited time. After I wired money through PayPal, this agent...

www.greediersocialmedia.co.uk / The account was fake and the followers ruined my reputation

Reviewer35567 on 2016-02-19
I contacted www.greediersocialmedia.co.uk and asked to make the account for me. They said that it would be UK account, which turned to be real fake. As well as I bought the followers from them and these followers ruined my reputation at all. I really regret that I have paid to these liar...

www.snowboot-buy.com / The company closed my access and I couldn’t even contact the seller

Reviewer63699 on 2016-02-19
When I found the website www.snowboot-buy.com, I really thought that the company was legitimate. However, the company was scam and after they got my payment for the UGG boots, these guys disappeared. They also closed my access to the website, so I couldn’t even contact the seller. Please...

Eagle Atlantic Financial CR / The mentor told me that he didn’t like to train students

Reviewer63315 on 2016-02-19
OMG. My deal with Eagle Atlantic Financial CR England was awful. I arrived to their office and the manager said that they only started to search for the mentor for me. I waited 5 days and did nothing, but they were unable to find the mentor. When the manager called me, he said that they...

www.ChestSculpting.com / The owner scammed me and I didn’t get any DVS with the plans and exercises

Reviewer61495 on 2016-02-19
I contacted the owner of www.ChestSculpting.com. I asked if he was able to help me and he said that after I pay for the services, I would get DVDs and CDs as well as the plan of what to do and how to exercise. Unfortunately, it was lie. I didn’t get any DVS or anything useful from this man...

Coca Cola / Uncontactable Enquiries Contact Number

Stewart Lee on 2016-02-16
Why have a contact number that consumers cannot contact? Bought 4 cartons of Coke to join an on-going local (Malaysia) contest. Been trying to contact the printed number 03 74910666 for enquiries but to no avail. Called over 2 days, more than 20 times and left 3 messages and no reply whatsoever. Please answer me. Thank you

Mnpps.com / Never received products nor refund. They will not contact me back.

nicci45 on 2016-02-15
They gave me wrong tracking numbers and after two months they still will not refund or contact me. Their policy stated that if you hadn't received product in 45 days you get refund no matter what. I even have proof from Usps that i never did and that the tracking numbers were...

Valuation Vision Carlsbad / They didn’t pay my $200

Reviewer66092 on 2016-02-12
I have heard many complaints about the company Valuation Vision Carlsbad. I haven’t been paid for Broker Price Opinion. My claim was only for $200, but this greedy company didn’t want to pay. They have several billions income and they denied to pay my $200. They are liars and thieves, so I...

www.arabiandate.com / Their profiles are fakes, so don’t pay for it

Reviewer70814 on 2016-02-11
I registered on the website www.arabiandate.com and started to communicate with different women. I chatted with Arabian ladies, but one day they sent me two similar letters. I was shocked and it turned out that almost all the profiles were fakes and these ladies didn’t exist. I was very sad...

www.sterishoe.com / The staff is lazy and you shouldn’t rely on them

Reviewer25308 on 2016-02-11
Stay away from the company www.sterishoe.com. This company is very bad. They weren’t responsible for their products and it was impossible to get any help or support from them. Their team irritated me a lot, because they didn’t want to communicate with me or help me with their products. I...
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