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Group HN / Scam!

amn123 on 2016-05-23
They are just like a scammer. Avoid this company at any costs. It is a France company. Do not know how they get permit to run their business in downtown Manhattan. They call the candidate to take a test which is managed by their HR department (two people sit at the front desk) in order to...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / Sweepstakes Prize AWARD $2,000,000.00

Daduce on 2016-05-23
Award Notification Commission [ANC]There are already many, many people filing complaints about this (suposed) company or commission sending them notification that they've won a $2million dollar sweepstakes. I just want to be among those who have posted their disdain for these actions and to be among those who would help notify others of this deceit and perhaps ID and banking theft.

Horse Boarding / horse racing

chrisjw1981 on 2016-05-21
21/5/2016 Chepstow 19.50 if anyone can watch this race and tell me why the jockey on coup de vent shouldn't be banned for life he was holding the reins at the back come up at the end was waiting for him to let him go and win but held the reins all the way to the line and didn't even...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / Winner notification letter

outraged agai on 2016-05-04
I'm glad I read the complaints re this bogus company. My son received this letter and asked me about it. I told him that I believed it was a scam and sure enough I was right. I'm curious though, everyone here says that they were asked for money to be eligible for the "prize money"...

Safeway Inc. / Monopoly game

Diana Wallen Walton on 2016-05-03
I entered the Safeway Monopoly game when it started and shopped there so I could collect the tickets. On the last three days I shopped at two Safeway stores, Bonney Lake, WA and Auburn, WA. Both stores were out of tickets. They could not tell me of any local stores that still had ticket...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / False Sweepstakes

Pamela Najera on 2016-05-01
I have received a letter stating that I could possibly be the winner of Two Million dollars. I have the option of 2 million over 30 to 60 years, or could take a lump-sum payment of One million, Three hundred twenty-seven thousand, nine hundred and forty dollars. Well of course I'm...

Uniform Property Conveyor Systems / AUPS Inc. / Conveyor

Ross Kaba Victim on 2016-04-18
I entered into a contract with Ross Kaba of AUPS Inc Feb 4 2016. the supplier and installer of dry cleaner conveyor. I was putting in a brand new cleaner depot in Toronto and I need to have a garment conveyor. I looked at internet and contacted Ross Kaba the owner of AUPS inc. He wa...

Security Elite Group / Fraud

Nick mc87 on 2016-04-18
This company goes under the name Secure Enforcement Group. They are seeking to take your money. The lady was hesitant to give me a receipt with a "schedule" unless I said I was coming for class with cash money in hand. This company doesn't issue certifications for anything. They are...

Prizelogic / Never received my television via Sprint/Samsung Prom

Kevin D Murray on 2016-04-16
Sprint/Samsung partnered and offered free 32" flat panel televisions with purchase of samsung device. The registration website failed to process registrations. Contacted promotions administrators Prizelogic via their previous facebook page. They confirmed the error and stated that they...

Works of life / Fraud

Cragan on 2016-04-15
This "non profit" is fraud. I researched them after receiving tax forms last year from a boat donation. Read all the complaints online before giving them your boat. Mine was listed as selling for under 1, 000 and the IRS has no information. I didn't receive tax credit for my donation...

iPing International Marketing / illegal International lottory ticket sales

K Vary on 2016-04-12
never paid on time. Horrible working atmosphere. Let the company rot. The customers are being told something and they never receive what they're promised. The building is not in Malta, and is located on Robson st, Vancouver. Do yourself a favor, do not work there and please don't let...

Prizelogic / Samsung television via Sprint promotion

Kevin Murray on 2016-03-22
The promo required purchase of a Samsung device and registration via December 30th 2016. The website that you had to register repeatedly error. I contacted Prizelogic who confirmed that they would complete my submission after having received proof of my attempts. Needless to say, after...

Mega Millions / They recently called me to say I won $10.5 million doillars

keithcooper on 2016-03-22
3-22-16 To Whom It May Concern, The call came from Naples, Florida.Their phone number was 239-300-6977.The man who called me was Dimitri Westbrook. He said there was a fee of $1, 285.And that there was a package involved. And he told me that his bosses name was Stacey Davenport. I...

Alhind Cargo / I had send cargo to India in month of June 2015 till date not received

Jawad Natekar on 2016-03-17
Dear All, I had done cargo of 2 cartons to India Mumbai in month of June 2015 from Alhind Cargo service in Batha Riyadh which includes insurance charges also. Till date I had not received my stuff, I had tried all the contact no in Saudi Arabia as mentioned in the bill but all are closed...

Cheapfareguru.com / On line travel agency

Maedeh on 2016-03-15
They are a fraud, do not give them any Personal information. I have given them all my credit card information. They charged the fare, they charged the dummy charge, for a brife moment my ticket was confirmed, but a day later airline canceled my ticket. I am out of money, my account i...

Baker McKenzie LLP / They scammed me and destroyed their phone number

Reviewer27603 on 2016-03-09
It is scam, so don’t wire them money. I got the email from Baker McKenzie LLP and the owner stated that I owed money them. I said that I have paid them and didn’t know that there were some problems with it, but the owner assured me that he didn’t get money and said that if he didn’t get...

Mandrien Consulting / This man scammed and lied to his customers

Reviewer93175 on 2016-03-09
The owner of Mandrien Consulting hired people to offer injured people the treatments and collected money for their advices and services. It was rip off, because people paid to this man and got nothing back. After that I heard that he was caught and imprisoned, but couple of years ago I...

Biofusion / A dreadful scam on stem cell facial products

Clipperkid on 2016-03-08
I applied for a sample product which £4 for 10days supply on 10th Feb 16 Biofusion took my card details, but to my horror instead of taking £4, they had taken £99.99 for stem cell also eye lift £99.99, which was broken down as 10% free of 20 days supply, plus another 30 days equalling 60...

www.wairfair.com / The leather was fake and coating was peeling off

Reviewer87570 on 2016-03-06
I found the website www.wairfair.com through Amazon. I looked at the leather furniture and was so interested in it. I bought the leather sofa from this store and one year later the sofa looked terrible and it wasn’t real leather. The coating started to peel off and the sofa looked worn. I...

National Fulfillment Advisors / The letter about the prize was fake

Reviewer80211 on 2016-03-06
I got some fake letter from National Fulfillment Advisors. It was mentioned about some prize and I was already suspicious about it. I didn’t participate in any lotteries and was surprised that this company had my details. I decided to check and found out that the company had fake contact detail...
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