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True Magazine / They didn’t pay for the projects, which we did for them

Reviewer69864 on 2016-02-12
We have worked for True Magazine and did two projects for them. The rep liked the projects and said that within a week we would get the payment. So, my team waited a week and they asked me about the payment, but I didn’t get any news from them. I was upset and emailed the rep every day...

Martinez Electric / The owner took deposit and didn’t arrive to do the job

Reviewer40771 on 2016-02-12
The guy from Martinez Electric is very dishonest person. We called them and asked to come and provide the repair of the electric wires. He said that we needed to pay the deposit and he would return it after the job would be done. We agreed that he would come on 13th of December, but thi...

K-Squared / The job was done, but it wasn’t accurate and professional

Reviewer92826 on 2016-02-12
Guys, don’t pay full sum to the company K-Squared, because the company is unprofessional and I wasted only money. I hired them to make the patio and the worked quickly, but inaccurately. So, everything what they did was like crap. I already paid them and I was satisfied with the job, so...

Glassdoor.com / What a terrible company

Nevil on 2016-02-12
Glassdoor allows companies to review and they delete all reviews they don't like! It is hard to find any bad reviews, because they are deleting everything and they even get paid so that the negative reviews would be removed. Recently I posted about one scam company but Glassdoor rejected...

LMS Marketing / The owner didn’t provide his phone number and their staff couldn’t provide simple details

Reviewer99343 on 2016-02-12
I recently spoke with the owner of LMS Marketing and this person searched for new employees. I had the interview and everything seemed to be fine, but the owner behaved really strangely and didn’t provide his phone number. I got the email next day and he said that someone would call me...

Century Security Inc / The company hid information and didn’t tell me everything

Reviewer64481 on 2016-02-12
I searched for the job and found the company Century Security Inc. I attended the interview and after that I was a little bit confused with the questions, which they asked me to. Also, I didn’t like that they hid some details about the shifts and payments, but I asked directly about it...

HomeInspectorsofCalifornia.com / These guy's are collecting application and training fees through Craigs list

Reviewer25579 on 2016-02-11
I sent my resume for a Home Inspection position, gotta a call within 24 hours and was told I was perfect fit after my phone interview. I was then sold on training and certification fees which I knew I would have to pay something for certification. Instead I was scammed for money, these...

Bartech / They didn’t contact their applicants

Reviewer29084 on 2016-02-11
I found the advertisement about the job in Bartech. I have sent my resume, application form, everything what they needed. After couple of weeks I didn’t get any response. I thought that I failed, but it turned out that they didn’t call their applicants at all. I contacted them and the...

Randstad Staffing / The supervisor was impatient

Reviewer89493 on 2016-02-11
I lost my job recently and went to Randstad Staffing. I didn’t have any problems with them until they offered me the training. My supervisor was young person, who was very impatient and rude with me. He didn’t want to listen to me or explained twice. After that he started to complain...

USOA Graphics / They didn’t meet the deadlines

Reviewer73036 on 2016-02-11
I just started to work on my website and hired the guys from USOA Graphics. I gave them 3 months for the graphic and no one rushed. However, these guys didn’t meet the deadlines and their rep was too talkative and didn’t listen to my questions and requests. I am so surprised that such...

Midwest Professional Staffing / The company hasn’t provided W2 form and I have serious problems

Reviewer26175 on 2016-02-11
I have worked for Midwest Professional Staffing. With their help I worked for couple of different companies and I didn’t notice it before, but this company hasn’t sent me W2 form. I got the letter about the taxes and it turned out that I owed $1, 500 to IRS. I really need this form and...

Gigats / job application

Reviewer10537 on 2016-02-10
I was trying to apply for a job. I was forced to fill out forms to get free stuff, insurance quotes and school information even though I said NO to as ill questions. I had to "choose" an item Could not proceed unless I did so I choose and I still did not get to apply for the job. The...

Maplefly International / Canada Migration

Reviewer10207 on 2016-02-08
Hi If anyone wants to approach Maplefly... pls note down the below points before proceeding. don't pay pre assessment fee. ask for list of documents to be submitted. ( very important) ask for some reference who got job already. don't sign the agreement just like that. they simply say...

Maplefly / Be Careful with Noida Based Maplefly Intl

Selvampanneer on 2016-02-07
Hi If anyone wants to approach Maplefly... pls note down the below points before proceeding. don't pay pre assessment fee. ask for list of documents to be submitted. ( very important) ask for some reference who got job already. don't sign the agreement just like that. they...

COUNTRYWIDE IMMIGRATION PRIVATE LIMITED/ Countrywide Visas / Immigration Fraud/Job Fraud /Cheating

Reviewer44897 on 2016-02-06
This Company portrays them self as Best Consulting Firm, but This Company is opened by Rajiv Tripathi (Director of Circum Navigation Resource Management Pvt Ltd) with help of Sophia and other to cheat people . Rajiv Tripathi is known Crook-criminal, lawbreaker, offender, villain, black hat...

Aimfill Internatinal / Not provide training and salary

Reviewer85412 on 2016-02-05
Hai friends, I am one of the employee in aimfill international.they selecting candidate for software developer then they are treat that candidate like as a BPO. Here there is no project.they are always do like a cheat employee.they always told like a trainer will come project will come they...

Aimfill Internatinal / Services

Reviewer23320 on 2016-02-05
hai friends, i am one of the Software Developer in Aimfill International(digito tech training and telecommunication).Its is a fraud company.because i am working past 1 month they are not provide salary, no proper regulation, no response.this company most preference gives only girls.First...

Radio City All Stars / This lady steals, posts wrong details and is very unethical

Reviewer29343 on 2016-02-04
I have worked with Maryann Woodard on Radio City All Stars. This lady decided to start your own band and stole everything from this radio. The staff didn’t know about it and we found out about it only one of the employees showed the account on Instagram. But Maryann posted there...

Select Documents Preparation Inc / This man hasn’t paid me and gave too many promises

Reviewer57486 on 2016-02-04
I started to work for Select Documents Preparation Inc. At the beginning, the rep promised me to pay every week, but couple days before the end of the week he excused and promised that he would pay within two weeks. I patiently waited for the payment and got the check by mail. It wa...

Doppler Internet / I worked for them a month but got payment only for 2 weeks

Reviewer71695 on 2016-02-04
I joined Doppler Internet Carl Doppler and they said that I could work from home. Also, they promised to pay for the orientation and finally they haven’t paid me. Also, their rep said that they would pay in the end of every week, but I still didn’t get payments for the first and second...
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