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Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation [APSRTC] / Bus condition

Krishna G J on Jan 15, 2017
Tkt no 59779471, name:krishna g j, urvk-mgbs, srvc no:6857 (Kldg-jbs) seats:35 (M) fare:460, doj:15-jan-17 07:30 pm This is one that of the worst bus I have ever travelled... Entire bus is full of dust... Road is good but because of bus condition we can't able to sit on seat... Spead...

UIF / Call centre

Peepols on Jan 12, 2017
I've been trying to call the uif centre since last year, different times and days. Always the same "you are a valued customer" and "we are experiencing high call volumes". Nobody ever answers that phone. I've tried to register on the ufiling website, but it says "the uif number is already...

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal; NCAT / Corrupt government officials

AdMich on Jan 12, 2017
NCAT stands for NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, sounds official except they are a really corrupt orgnisation. As a builder I had the misfortune of dealing with a client who was doing everything in his power to scam me out of remaining monies owing on a renovation that was completed at...

City Of Tshwane / Tshwane no account invoices since october 2016

FP07 on Jan 12, 2017
I have not received any invoice or statement for my Water and Electricity since October 2016. I have logged various queries monthly since then on e-tshwane website, called and been issued various reference numbers. Up to today, no resolve, they can not give me an account statement. I have...

City Of Tshwane / Power outage

Mankek on Jan 12, 2017
Ref 428 1/9/217 I am very dissapointed and disgusted by the service offered by Tshwane manucipality. I logged a call days ago, but no one is attending to the call. Everytime I call doing a follow up i get the same response that the call is assigned to a technician. Its been a week now...

Fort Collins Colorado Scam Parking Citations Exposed! Kurt Ravenschlag / Dmv fort collins colorado dept head: kurt ravenschlag po box 580, fort collins, co 80522-0580

JK09 on Jan 6, 2017
Fort Collins Colorado Scam Parking Citations Exposed! Kurt RavenschlagFort collins colorado is ripping both local and visiting citizens off. They have devised a parking citation scam to further exploit americans. Their excuse to justify their criminal operation is that they are trying to keep customers flowing to local vendors.In other words they are...

Uber / Uber service

vicb on Jan 6, 2017
The cab company in Jefferson is not capable of servicing the City of Jefferson. You can wait up to 3 hours for a cab and sometimes may never get an answer when calling. The cars stink, the drivers are rude and the cost is outrageous. Why does Jefferson City oppose Uber. They are a very...

UPS - United Parcel Service / Delivery

Casey8407 on Jan 5, 2017
I ordered a Dell tower that was supposed to be delivered on dec 27, 2016 ( a christmas gift for my son) on the 27th wasnt delivered the tracking said it was out for delivery for 2 days, so I contacted ups customer service, which told me my package was lost in transit, and I needed to file...

Flexible Spending Account / Spending fsa money

JenniferTucCarO on Jan 4, 2017
I can't begin to even understand how the Government has created such a scam. My husband and I have 1600 of OUR HARD earned money in a FSA. I go to buy my son anti itch cream for ant bites from Walgreens and I'm excited to actually use this account. Not so fast, this scam requires a...

Adore Me / My debit s

Claire Slayne on Dec 31, 2016
Ok so. To start off i'm in a bad spot my ex of tree's years has allowed his feckless self to not bring his stupid ### to my new crib with my goldie and doggy. Na i cannot eve order/ He a dog but we had a dog g He was my favorite, my best bud, my companion when nobody else wa...

HomeServe / Unethical behaviour

nicowa91 on Dec 30, 2016
to whom it may concern i am truly disgusted with this company never worked with yourselfs and wouldnt like to either your rude obnoxtious dam right disgusting people like you should be overly ashamed with your selfs and company i personally have sat and listened to calls made to customer...

Vicky Isaacks Mediation Arbitration isaackslegal.com / Beware: vicky isaacks denton county texas exposed former judge denton county

HK01 on Dec 27, 2016
Vicky Isaacks Mediation Arbitration isaackslegal.comVicky Isaacks is a very evil person. As a judge she destroyed my relationship with my children and charged me far more than 20% of my income for child support. I cannot tell you how hateful this woman is. She is pure evil. Beware of this woman, whatever you do! She is a public enemy. While...

FBI / Turned away

hhhhhhhhhh10 on Dec 21, 2016
I went to the FBI to inform them of the numerous doctors that have been trying to cover up my gonorrhea infection. I had been mailing them tapes of the doctors month after month to keep them informed about the scam that had even been happening across the states, including MN, NY, and in...

Starbucks / Starbucks for life game

grandmom50 on Dec 20, 2016
I have been a long-time customer of the Starbucks I go in there pretty much daily and I'm getting very very discouraged on the Starbucks for life game. When I earn plays I will get a message saying that sorry I'm enthusiastic and have already played my place for the day. That has been...

Jim Blakely / Product content

Jim Blakely on Dec 16, 2016
I cannot accurately recall just how long your service has been my primary source for reading news via the internet. Best guess it has been over 10 plus years! Why have you moved to such a one sided liberal bias on political / social matters . The past several months I began to make note of...

City of Buford Gas / Natural gas service

Chris D Rogers on Dec 8, 2016
City of Buford gas requires a $235.00 deposit for any customer signing up for new service or moving into their service area. This is an exorbitant amount, and it applies regardless of the customer's prior credit or history with their company. Even customer's in AGL's service area who can't...

Department of Labour / Inspectors / supervisors

JAZEphlew on Dec 5, 2016
I have been working for a company called Incredible Connection for 8 years and decided to finally retire this year on April 15. I then served my one month`s notice to the the company and officially stopped working for them on May 15. I get paid on the 25th of every month; how it works i...

South African Police / Telescope

Allan Brian on Nov 29, 2016
When are you delivering this order? Placed on November 27, 2016 2:53:32 PM CET Item Sku Qty Subtotal Heider PRO Zoom X1 Land Telescope 7894564654 1 $129.90 Heider TA01 Universal Metal Land Telescope Camera Adapter HTA01KA 1 $35.00 Subtotal $164.90 Shipping & Handling $0.00 Grand...

S Sivakumar / Canada visa

s kumar42 on Nov 29, 2016
Dear Sirs, I applied visa from Heathrow Airport to visit Canada on the 10th Nov 2016, But your charges $100.00 and never received any reply or confirmation on that date. I have to contact Visa counter at Heathrow Airport (Canada Visa counter) and I miss the 12pm flight and re applied...

Sedgwick CMS / To be paid for my transportation and other things I paid for while under workmen compensation.

Dave Hartwig on Nov 23, 2016
Hi, the company sedgwick cms does not respond to my emails below and it has been months. Can you please let me know if you received my email and what is being done? Thanks, dave From: david hartwig Sent: friday, october 28, 2016 4:03 pm To: 'sedgwick@sedgwick.com' Subject: information...
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