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Playtika / Slotomania

Jules Rocks on Dec 6, 2016
I am so angry with slotomania. I was gifted the artic tiger a few days ago, and had nearly 3billion coins!. ... The first bit of luck I had had for months!. I did not play that day, my mega bonus was due, so I collected it, then, bam! In an instant, my coins disappeared, all I had left...

Doubledown Casino / Games spinning

lilfootz on Dec 4, 2016
When I first go into a game - Any game it spins fine for the first dozen times, after that it gets long spinning, slow and jerky!!! I just went to High Speed Internet and this doesn't happen on any other app!!! Just one more way to rip us off I'm figuring!!! Think I'll stick with High 5...

King / Candy crush game & candy crush soda

Lois King on Dec 2, 2016
Since I updated these games they are not loading and always crashing if they do load. I used to look forward to playing these two games but now I hate the thought of even trying . I researched the Internet and discovered that there are a lot of people with the exact same complaints. If it...

Church's Chicken / They gave me anything

Wud Grain on Nov 28, 2016
They must've been out of white gravy they putmashed potatoes gravy on my country fried chicken it was red stuff on my coleslaw my jalapeño poppers was half cooked. I was pissed when I got out parking lot. I try to stay down as a loyal customer but they just make it so hard for me by doing what...

Doubledown Casino / My game will not load for past month, vocab play on other people's accounts on my computer

Heather Renaud on Nov 27, 2016
was playing nov1.logged off and have not beem able to play since. It is not my computer as I can play and load other peoples account on my computer. When I contact ddc zendesk they say don;t know why and lookinginto it. This has been there answer each time. Did they lock me out of game or...

Bookmaker.eu / Payout money owed

Mike HHHHH on Nov 26, 2016
On November 24, 2016 I opened an account with Bookmaker.eu. I deposited $450 with my debit card and I also opted for the 50% bonus with a 10x roll over. The roll over counts only for the deposit amount, not the 50% free play bonus. A couple hours after I had deposited the $450, my account...

Ladbrookes / Service

Franksha on Nov 24, 2016
I'm writing to complain about 2 best I placed in ladbrooke st aidans shopping centre wexford tuesday I did a soccer bet I got the prices on the ladbrooke page on my laptop I made the winning bet up on ladbrooke calculator and was supposed to get 142 euro back but when I went to...

Ladbrokes / Betting services

kenilworth on Nov 21, 2016
On November 7, 2016 I went to Ladbrokes shop 2098 (Leicester Square) to collect my winnings on the Major League Baseball World Series which concluded on November 3. I had bet £25 at 8/1 on January 28, 2016 on the Chicago Cubs at Ladbrokes shop 0185 (Marlow, Bucks) giving me a return (including...

Ladbrokes / Account closure

thosecompaniesthough on Nov 20, 2016
LadbrokesI wanted to close my gambling account after deciding I find it dangerously addictive. I had to go through chat as there is no button available for this. The chat guy literally said ok one sec (Sports agent -Karl) then did nothing for minutes. Then asked for various security info over a non...

Candy Crush Saga / Game

Cindy cash on Nov 9, 2016
Candy crush is constantly crashing in the middle of a game. This is happening all day he time. Can't ever finish a game anymore. Very frustrating. I really enjoy playing these games on my iPad, but it seems as though these games are no longer compatible with iPads. I can okay these game...

Ladbrokes / Customer service

spearson0806959 on Nov 9, 2016
I recently placed a bet on the US presidential debate. I chose for Clinton's firewall to be none of these in prospective of which state she would win first. Now it was explained to me that it's the first state which comes through as a Clinton winner. This state is VERMONT which was not...

Gameinsight / Constant pestering by facebook

gramdx2@yahoo.com on Oct 28, 2016
I do not want a Facebook page. Never have and never will. Please leave me alone I just want to play my games without interruption from Facebook. I should not and will not be forced to sign up for Facebook. now I find out if my complaint does not contain a certain amount of letters or...

Facebook / Constant pestering by facebook

gramdx2@yahoo.com on Oct 28, 2016
I do not want a Facebook page. Never have and never will. Please leave me alone I just want to play my games without interruption from Facebook. I should not and will not be forced to sign up for Facebook. now I find out if my complaint does not contain a certain amount of letters or...

Rockyou, Inc. / Zooworld / Peanut Labs Media / Bingo blingo

Sandra Kirschner Wyatt on Oct 25, 2016
This game has two offers for buying tickets that are incorrect. One offer reads 1700 tickets for $99.99 but when you purchase it gives you only 1100 tickets. Another reads 750 tickets for $49.99 but gives you 500 tickets. So the offer does not give you what you think you are paying for...

VP Game / Scammed/cheated when I bet on their website

jkli1992 on Oct 23, 2016
VP GameIt is pretty much of an illegal thing to do but, I really just want to report this website for scamming/cheating on some people. There are times that the people managing this website is cheating on their "bettors". This would be a good example, the screenshots that I've attached were mine...

Ladbrokes / Their bonus scheme

PGV on Oct 13, 2016
If you intend to play on-line with Ladbrokes - be aware of any bonus on offer after you have made your initial deposit. Things are not what they seem. It appears that advertisers are embedded within the Ladbrokes site and they too will offer a bonus. However, their T & C's may be different...

Freelotto / Failure to pay winning

tjseal on Oct 6, 2016
I have been playing FreeLotto for years & in March, I matched 5 of 6 numbers which was a payout of $300-or should have been! I sent all the necessary information in & waited & waited. I finally notified them in June that I still had not received my money & it was 90 days since I won. They...

Facebook / Game

Linda Argento on Oct 4, 2016
Open transaction detailsPending - facebk virtual goods www.fb. me/cc, 1005Last 4 card digits 6996 $25.20 has been taken from my account and has not gone into face account for this please why did you take money from my account, please return as you can not just take money fir nothing return my money

PCH Games / Hundreds of thousands were duped

Jcsa on Sep 22, 2016
sept 17 2016 pch said (on screen) i won $10, 000, hours later they emailed me saying it was a mistake, they were sorry and gave me extra more chances to win. check my complain similar to many at consumer affair. I emailed them saying that they need to pay me my prize, again they said it...

Facebook / Zynga poker chips

Amir Parviz on Sep 20, 2016
Did you find out who stole my $5.6 Billion poker chips?? I need to find out who, i need my chips back, i suspect one of my alleged buddies, his first name is Brian, i do not know his last name, this morning he had almost no poker chips, this afternoon when i logged in to play, my chips were...
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