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Target / Security (or lack thereof)

mdriggs on 2016-05-23
I wanted to make everyone aware of an incident that occurred at a Target store that greatly upset me, frightened me, and has kept me from shopping at any Target locations or online. On April 22, 2016, I went to the Target store a block from my house, at Potomac Yard in Alexandria, VA to...

Target Corporation / Online Ordering

Terri Swain on 2016-05-23
I have just been told that I am welcome to shop in the store but I can't order online. I placed an order and then it was cancelled. When I called to follow up they said that I was "banned" from shopping on line and it had something to do with quantities. I rarely order on line from Target...

Rechcare / Fraud multi recharge company

rohit7861 on 2016-05-22
Is company ka owner arnab bhattacharya fraud hai. ye consumer complaints se logo ne number copy karke unpe call karke kehta hai meri multi recharge service lo jisme no any t&c, no fees and high commission, just maintain 100rs in distributor account. service lene ke kuch din baad ye distributor ke...

RushCard / Prepaid DebitCard

RushCard Fraud on 2016-05-21
I put money on RushCard, my entire paycheck and a few days later my card was declined at the store. I knew I had the funds so I called them to find out what the issue was. The money was there but without my permission or knowledge, they had blocked my card. This is something they claim...

Absa / Rd cheques

A Reddy on 2016-05-21
I am a platinum client of ABSA for a good few years and have many accounts with the bank. I am also a business owner of not one but two businesses and both the accounts are held by ABSA. I have various other accounts with this bank including a home lone. I have introduced my family to ABSA...

Certegy walmart / Check cashing

Hatecertegy on 2016-05-20
Now certegy is denying social security retirment checks and saying walmart has a 1000 dollar limit. The shift manager was the one who called them on walmarts own phone and told them the was 5000 but the said have a nice day. At first walmart acted like they were going to correct the issue...

FingerHut / Defective products

rlombardi on 2016-05-11
Finger Hut sold me a Black comforter at online shopping, the comforter was defective, had 1000 pin holes in it and the stuffing was coming out. They exchanged it for a Grey one and with-in a few months this grey comforter was also defective, cheap, again many, many holes in it, stuffing...

Office Depot / ReBate

bluebama7 on 2016-05-08
I went in to Office depot in northport, al they had a rebate on paper so I bought and was walked through how to get my rebate back through the mail. I sent my receipts in two different envelopes. I received in the mail to day on both of them a response say can't pay you because these...

General Motors / 2016 Chevrolet Silverado

Chris Thomas on 2016-05-06
General Motors Been to dealership twice and communicated with customer service rep from GMC. They tell me that the truck runs like it was designed to. The transmission hesitates, jumps, and is very sluggish when starting from a stop or slow acceleration. The service people will tell you they know there is problem but GM has no fix. Never buy GM again.

Payoneer / Account blocked after I misspelled my password, no response from custom service

bashux on 2016-05-05
Account blocked after I misspelled my password and card has expired in March! I am unable to recover access to my account and I've received a zero response from custom service! More then a month ago I contacted them about, but I am still blocked

Speedpost / Singapore Post / Bad service

To all concerned...I am stunned at the antiquated system that Singapore's SingPost provides when it comes to international courier delivery. It is expensive and ineffective! I purchased an item that was unavailable in Singapore from the US...a small expensive item...I was billed US$64...

StoneDine / Crack

Yvonne pollngton on 2013-12-24
Dear Stnedine I purchased a set of your Stonedine saucepans & Fry-pans about 2 years ago if my memory serves me right, I have been satisfied in the time I have had themLast night I noticed a crack in the bottom of the smallest saucepan, all other saucepans have not been used as we are...

Western Union / Как отличить мошенника от официального офиса по письмам?

parsec on 2014-04-11
Я получил два письма от Wesrn Union/В обоих письмах сообщается, что я победитель на получениевознаграждения по розыгрышу, проводимого этой компанией. Мне полагается 1,5 миллиона долларов США. Пишут от имени директоров департамента .TRANSWER/ Письма инструктируют, что я должен оплатить активацию...

ALT.com / Is ALT.com a rip off site?

Thom Johanneson on 2015-01-07
I have been there and every time I do go there there is immediate interest by a number of women. They all end up asking for money. This is not the first time for me. And I spoke to a few local friends and they say they have seen the same thing. To lure them, all you have to do is list as a...

BES Utilities / Electricity Supply

MightyHeart on 2016-05-03
I set up a small business in January, we have been open now a couple of months and are gradually building ourselves up. We have lighting, kettle & heating with electric, our shop is less than 75 Sq, its not open full time yet, and our busy day is only a Saturday. We opened the shop 2...

Foo Lee Mei / Purchase of apartment at University Studios and Apartment with Ozyurtlar Insaat. In 2012 my lawyer Ercan Gundez told me that the project is delayed.

LMei Foo on 2016-04-29
In 2011 me and 2 friends from Malaysia bought 3 unit apartment at University Studios and Apartment, a project by Ozyurtlar. Each buyer has paid about £12000 as deposit for each of the 3 apartment units. In 2012 Ercan Gundez our lawyer told us there was a delay and we were advised to seek a...

Lulu Hypermarket / staff behaviour

Rahiba Thasneem on 2016-04-29
Suwaiq lulu best deal offer in lulu hypermarket Suwaiq. Please mention the purchase limit here after in the promotion paper. the staff behavior towards the customer is really bad specially the Indian staff . The Indian staffs are having a dis-respective attitudes towards the customer.. The...

Courts / Harassment and threats

aisa on 2016-04-27
Ibu dan ayah saya telah menjelaskan bayaran tunggakan untuk bulan mac dan april pada tarikh 6/4/2016 .. namun begitu ayah saya telah menerima sms yang bertulis ' 27/4 - KAMU DIBERI MASA UTK BYR BAKI HUTANG SBLM 2PM DCWNG COURTS! TARIK KES LAWYER & SITA BRG. SURAT LOD SITA AKAN...

Lene Laughner / Unable to obtain the proper lithium form from FedEx International

Lene Laughner on 2016-04-26
Tracking: 782868110983 782868260410 Lene E Laughner 960 W Camino Sagasta Green Valley AZ 85622 520-393-1199 laughnel@gmail.com On April 19, I spent almost $3, 000.00 for the fastest delivery to Accra in Ghana In the pouch on the packages with the ret of the paper work, I included the...

Bay Area Credit Service / Target for Fraud

Debra Delane Huntley on 2016-04-26
First of all my name and address were in the addressers place and it was addressed to Bay Area 1000 Rd. Ste.195 Bldg 400 Atlanta Georgia 30328: This letter is written as if I wrote it to Bay Area Credit Services for a bill unknown it is also signed incorrectly...This is how it reads: Dear...
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