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Green Dot / Disputes transactions

Kadice on 2016-02-11
THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES. They approved 260 transactions on my card within 6 days. One day was 88 transactions for the same amount to the same company. Nobody thought this was suspicious. They continued to approve until they wiped the account clean plus added...

techwire / IT

Reviewer38712 on 2016-02-10
This Company techwire solutions is a fraud company, I have been asking to give me my W2 for 2014, not given, not reported my social security deductions, and not in 2015, also, the owner pratik bang never responds to phone calls and emails, thank god i m no longer working with them, but I had problems filing my tax returns because of no W2

Doon Technologies,Inc. / Great Agency..

NeelKnt on 2016-02-10
Great Agency . I have been working for Doon Technologies, Inc for their Direct Client.. State Project since 2014. I saw some comments on the site and really felt horrible ... why people are writing wrong and yes one should look for other agency if not happy.. God Bless them who still...

Leaders Merchant Services / Credit Card Processing Services

Reviewer34504 on 2016-02-09
I signed up to have them process our credit card transactions, took forever to get a reader in the mail. Two days after the reader arrived I noticed a $25.00 debit on my account, it is from Leaders. I call them and they tell me it is because there were no transactions in the prior month. I...

Frank Alistair Collins Recruitment / False Recruitment Company

Reviewer99120 on 2016-02-09
Dear Candidate, We have seen your CV posted at naukrigulf which has been shortlisted and recommended to our HR Department of FAC Recruitment LTD. We therefore request you to email your CV and resume to us via email: FAC Upon receipt of the same we shall proceed to online...

Brava Salon & Spa / Terrible job, no refunds policy

Reviewer55169 on 2016-02-08
If you're thinking about going to Brava Salon & Spa for any kind of service, please don't! I went in for what was supposed to be a classic manicure and wound up with a terrible shellac job. All of the nail polish at this salon is old and dried out, making it unusable, and the...

TeleCheck / Denied Checks

Tabbytoot on 2016-02-08
I am tired of being denied at local stores in Michigan. Every time it is Denied by Telecheck. How is it I can write a $13.00 - $36.00 check at a local pharmacy and then turn right around in the same store go to check out and write a check for groceries and I am denied. Every time. this i...

Freelancer.com / Billed the project fee for usd project in GBP at a ludicrous exchange rate without consent or notice

elbar79 on 2016-02-07
I accepted a job on freelancer.com priced in USD when they bill the project fee in advance they automatically converted the bill into GBP at a ludicrous exchange rate 10% above wholesale without giving prior notice, gaining consent or publishing exchange rates anywhere on the site. Thi...

chillies pvt enterprises / Making fraud in food court business

Maha Lakshmi on 2016-02-07
Hi all, would like to notify this to people's view. chillies pvt enterprises doing business in Chennai(besant nagar, kottivakam, now in velachery) is a big fradulent company. Actually its is a garments using this name, director of company Mr. shine kumar offering caters to do business in...

IMVU Inc / Copyright Infringement

Reviewer51030 on 2016-02-06
"Zeur: and I'm assuming that all the copy right Nike logos at the top of the catalog haven't actually been reviewed by imvu as per Nike should know about Jhoda Louise: Only the intellectual property rights owner or the owner's authorized agent is permitted to report potentially infringing...

Geico / Tv commercial with car alarm

Reviewer27841 on 2016-02-06
Geico needs to stop running that stupid annoying ad in the early morning hours! They should concentrate on lowering their rates for customers who don't work for the government and live in urban areas. I think Warren Buffet has enough money, so try running that annoying commercial after 7:00 am. Thank You, Edward Baldwin

Winbids aka Proxity-ec / Bidding Site

Grace Limnon on 2016-02-05
Bidding Site to allow you to bid on Government Contracts except there is no way you are able to actually bid. Getting involved with the Government is a very involved procedure, no one let's you know this before you pay their fees. Now apparently they have cut their ties to Federal Verification...

Swift Capital Financial / This company took many fees and it wasn’t good for my profit to deal with them

Reviewer94510 on 2016-02-05
I thought that I was applying for the credit, but the company Swift Capital Financial offered me to get the future sales. They said that I could get $50, 000, but afterwards I should return more than $130, 000. I have almost returned the whole sum and three more payments left, and the rep...

Financial West Group / The company couldn’t return our invested sum because of the financial problems

Reviewer62832 on 2016-02-05
The owner of Financial West Group sold me the investment into the fund, which would benefit from recovery of the housing market. He said that it was good opportunity and successful investment. I called the rep all the time and asked about the funds and how the process was going. They gave...

Boxer Property / The company wanted to charged us for more money

Reviewer91087 on 2016-02-05
I have my own small business and we recently moved into new state, so we searched for new office. We found the office through Boxer Property. The prices were good; the location was perfect as well. Everything seemed to be great, but after a month we started to notice that the security...

Group Financial LLC / They wanted money for pay day credit, which I got in 2014

Reviewer17166 on 2016-02-05
I was busy on the work and didn’t hear that someone called me. The rep from titan Group Financial LLC called me and said that I owed pay day credit, which I got from them in 2014. They claimed that I owed more than $1, 500 and I should return it within 30 days or they would start the...

Javitech Block LLC / The company send me letter about some fake debt

Reviewer38090 on 2016-02-05
I got the letter from Javitech Block LLC. This company informed me about my debt and asked to transfer the debt within 30 days or they would proceed my case to the court. I read this letter and was surprised to find out that I owed someone money. I heard about this company for the first...

Annex Funding LLC / The company hasn’t paid us for the job

Reviewer42467 on 2016-02-05
My friend and I saw the advertisement of Annex Funding LLC. We called the owner and he immediately hired us. After a month he said that he had some problems with bank and asked all the employees to wait a little bit. We waited another week, but he again told us some lies about hi...

Wen Hair Care / Wen cleansing conditioer

Reviewer93417 on 2016-02-04
I have been using wen for about a year regular, but in the last 6 month I notice considerable hair loss first it was just alittle, I thought it was just getting older and you loose hair. But I have lost most of my natural wave and my hair just keeps breaking off, If I run my hands through...

Hyundai Motor Finance / Negligence on my payments

Sandra Dorado on 2016-02-04
Both my daughter and I asked for an extension on our acccounts for the month of December. Mine because I became unemployed and my daughter because she was having finals and was working very little hours. I spoke to Hyundai and they told me we both qualified for extensions and that they...
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