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Mc Cannell Construction Inc / The company is unprofessional and after their work, we need to repair our house

Reviewer80771 on 2016-01-29
OMG. Don’t hire Mc Cannell Construction Inc. This company was hired to build our house. They didn’t finish it on time and we wasted more money than expected. Also, the company wasn’t professional and after the house was finished, we found out that it must be repaired. We hired another...

Trawden Roofing and Building / They posted fake reviews on the website and were rude

Reviewer89266 on 2016-01-29
When I started to deal with Trawden Roofing and Building, I really thought that they had only positive reviews and were professionals. But it turned out that this company has posted fake reviews on the website and all their reviews were untruth. I wasn’t satisfied with their services and posted...

Phoenix Engine Builders / Because of their incompetence, I need to repair my car again

Reviewer13449 on 2016-01-29
Phoenix Engine Builders provided and installed the engine. It worked perfectly 6 months only. After that I drove my car to the mechanic, who said that such repair would cost me about $5, 000. As well as he added that the previous company, who did the work, was unprofessional and because of...

Lowes / 10% promotional coupon

Reviewer81192 on 2016-01-28
I took over 300 dollars worth of paint supplies to the checkout and when tried to use my 10 percent off coupon, the cashier said it scanned expired while it clearly had a date that it was still good. She said this is the second time today that this happened and needed a manager . The...

John Tierney Construction / The owner disappeared with my money

Reviewer92052 on 2016-01-28
Guys I really need help. I have hired John Tierney Construction. We agreed that I would pay the deposit for the work and the man would start the interior job within 2 weeks. He got money and he didn’t contact me afterwards. I sent emails and messages, but the rep avoided me. I have a feeling...

Artistic Tile Settings Inc / The employee didn’t speak English and has no idea what to do

Reviewer18248 on 2016-01-28
I hired Artistic Tile Settings Inc. to remodel my kitchen and bathroom. We agreed about the price and I mailed the check for $7, 000. Couple of days later, I checked and the owner has deposited this check. I waited that he would come to my house, but this man ignored my phone calls and didn’t...

Kent Gross Architecture / Took payment and never finished the job

Oneupsetbuyer on 2016-01-27
This could be interpreted as a dream that turned into a nightmare. My wife and I had scrimped and saved for the better part of two full years in order to put an addition on our house. We wanted to extend the kitchen out another eight feet in length and stretch out another twelve feet in...

Coast To Coast Carports / Carport wall installed inside out

Reviewer31476 on 2016-01-26
07-10-2014 C&C installed a carport with one wall inside out. They were to come and change it at a later date in the season due to vegetation. Since January of 2015, I reminded them about this issue. They did not come. Then I found out that they were no longer licensed in New Mexico. My...

Pyramid Asset Management Co / The rep played with me and tried to trick for more money

Reviewer98796 on 2016-01-26
I called to Pyramid Asset Management Co. I wanted to purchase some construction equipment and we discussed the price of the equipment. The first deal was done and the rep said they have different offers, so maybe I was interested in. I checked and found another machine. I offered full sum...

Saxon Builds Ltd / Builders

Elan Oreb on 2016-01-26
Do not under any circumstances use this company based in croydon with a registered office in London . I have lost £8000 with his company . 1. They failed to use the correct mortar mix and the cement is very weak 2 . Brick work is very poor quality 3 . Director and owner Clive Dean Oriordan...

Home Depot / Refused to cut plywood because he could not get tied up.

Reviewer31244 on 2016-01-25
1-25-16, in Plano, Texas at the corner of Parker and Custer. I had 2, 8ft x 4ft pieces of plywood. It was 5PM, and pretty slow. I needed 18 cuts and even told him I understand if i needed to be charged by cut. The employee told me he could not be tied up, and was the only person working in...

Oak Creek Homes / Management

mksmith on 2016-01-25
Oak Creek Homes is the most unethical company I've ever dealt with. We went to the Huntsville TX store at the request of a friend who had recently gone to work there. He is a good guy and had, at that time, not seen the bad side of this company. I didn't want to do business with a friend...

Global Homes / Josh Smith - home builders

deckster on 2016-01-25
very slow building process no communication between builder and homeowner takes any shortcut they can no supervisor experience they don't inspect jobs done between contractors hires cheapest contractor lies and never answers phone no return for one year warranty be warned before your try this builder

Samsung / I bought Samsung S6 with Gear S watch 5 months ago, Gear S watch worked only two week

nihat on 2016-01-25
I started use I phone 6years ago I use phone3-4-5 . I decided to use Samsung S6 5 months ago. I bought Samsung S6 with Gear Watch but I used watch only two week. When I send to service in the Eskisehir They informed me that there is no more wacht in the stock. A few times I cooled them to we...

APK / Needs more improvement on the quality of building construction

annam6247 on 2016-01-23
Sir/Madam, I faced issue with APK construction in Vengambakkam/Tambaram, who is very smart in getting the money and comes to the house and collect the cheque by speaking as a close relatives and he come with stories to plunder the money, but in terms of construction work we have to do...

MJH Contracting LLC / They mislead people and don’t pay them as well

Reviewer42542 on 2016-01-22
First of all. Don’t do business with MJH Contracting LLC. I have worked for them and they owed me money. The sum is large and the owners didn’t want to pay. Be careful. Also they have changed their companies; names and websites several times. They are dishonest people and they don’t want to...

Home Depot and Delta Mechanical / The technician made errors and units didn’t work

Reviewer21581 on 2016-01-22
Home Depot and Delta Mechanical installed 4 separate units and two of them worked fine. There were problems with 2 units and the company promised that their mechanics would come to check and fix it. Also I called my friend, who said that there were wiring errors. He said that it was their...

Rob Wolf Construction / His work was unprofessional and inaccurate

Reviewer12225 on 2016-01-22
Don’t hire Rob Wolf Construction. I signed the agreement and this man assured me and my wife that he would buy all materials and would find the additional frames and windows, because my wife wanted more windows in the house. He started the job and one room has been finished, but it didn’t...

Bazua Builders LLC / The floor was in scratches and bubbles

Reviewer23531 on 2016-01-22
Bazua Builders LLC is the worst and very unreliable company. We hired them to make the floor in living room and kitchen. They have finished the job as we agreed, but the floor was covered by scratches and bubbles. We weren’t happy to see it of course and said the boss to change everything...

Ohio Steel Construction / They didn’t pay for the projects

Reviewer78581 on 2016-01-22
Don’t work for Ohio Steel Construction. I have worked for them 5 months and when we have finished the project, this company hasn’t paid us. They lied that the customer was away and he would transfer money within 5 days. Later we heard completely different story. We complained, but no one...
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