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Bottom Line Books - No order placed, no books received, billing turned over to collections.

Posted: 2015-08-27 by    Reviewer31146
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Bottomline Books has been billing $43.95 to my father for books that were never ordered nor any books were ever received. My father does not even handle any financial matters due to his failing health. After a 1 year of receiving bills, my father now receives collection notices from North Shore...

North American Direct Services - Cancel

Posted: 2015-08-27 by    Pam Roman
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Yes, my client number is 10035204, , , i received a phone call from north american direct services, on 10/22/2014. The guy that i talked to, talked me into ordering the magazines. He first quoted me a price for $39.90... He took my information from me. Than, turned it around and wanted me to...

eFollett - Overcharged on taxes

Posted: 2015-08-24 by    student666
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
On July 24th, 2015 I purchased the Diagnostic Medical Imaging book packet at Gateway Community College in Phoenix, AZ. I made my purchase online through the Gateway Community College bookstore which utilizes eFollett.com. My receipt showed that the total was $610.06. Then an apparent "glitch"...

Amazon - Toxic Leadership

Posted: 2015-08-24 by    Reviewer85045
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
FYI. I will no longer have anything to do with Amazon, they made it to my list with their toxic leadership.
I have been following their employee stories on NPR. Seems the default is someone yelling at you and workers crying at their desks.
Bye amazon. I was a Prime member......

iUniverse - Company has become a boiler room

Posted: 2015-08-21 by    Keith Clingan
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I published three books with iUniverse in 2000 and felt I got a great deal out of it. I know that my books are not commercially successful, but I am glad that they were published. Now all of a sudden 15 years later I am suddenly getting calls from what sounds like a boiler room trying to get...

Textbookhead - Their free gift wasn’t free and useless for me

Posted: 2015-08-18 by    Reviewer42593
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I bought one book from Textbookhead. The delivery was delayed, so I contacted the seller, who excused and promised me a gift. I received my book and gift as well, but their gift wasn’t for free. Later, I noticed that they charged me for this small gift, which I basically didn’t need. I contacted...

tatynerds.com - The seller asked to pay for the books, which I returned earlier

Posted: 2015-08-18 by    Reviewer65275
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
When I studied, my friend told me about the website www.tatynerds.com. He told me that it was cheap and the easiest way to rent books through the website. I also rented a book and returned it on time, but three days later I got the email from the seller, who told me to pay for the book. It was...

gifted-psychics.com - Psychics told me general things and offered to buy expensive books

Posted: 2015-08-15 by    Reviewer38262
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I won’t advise the website www.gifted-psychics.com to other users. I found it accidently and decided to speak with one of the psychics. I spoke with her and she told different things, but there were general and nothing specific. I asked about it, but she pretended that she hasn’t...

sell-textbooks.com - The order wasn’t full and two books missed

Posted: 2015-08-15 by    Reviewer82702
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I bought 5 books from the website www.sell-textbooks.com. I registered there and placed the order. Everything seemed to be ok, but the seller excused and told that two books were unavailable. He offered to change them for other books, which were similar to these ones. I agreed ad waited for...

National Geographic - No magazine since Mar 2015

Posted: 2015-08-10 by    j xiey
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I have not received the National Geographic magazines since the last copy in March 2015.
It is a paid subscription. I have paid in Jan 2015.
Pls check n confirm. TQ...

Groupon - charged for items never purchased

Posted: 2015-08-09 by    tojolo
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I recently discovered that I was being charged for two Groupon purchases for restaurants I never heard of. I did not make the purchases but it seems that the Groupon App did make them. When I tried to have them cancelled the Groupon rep told me I could use them as gifts but that my money could...

Publish America - misleading authors to publish their books

Posted: 2015-08-08 by    Mmje
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
In 2007 I published a book with Publish America God's Gift A Child A lesson in Love, By Eleanor J. Monroe. The company failed to make the necessary corrections before publication, even though I sent them in before a timely manner. My book was a complete failure, Then that wanted to charge...

Stage Magazine Subcription - Fraude

Posted: 2015-08-04 by    daytowngenie
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Stage has been asking its customers to sign up for a free three month subscription on magazines...if you do, you will get a 10, 20 percent discount of your purchase that day...you can cancel with in the first three months and you will owe nothing...well this does not work, First of all Stage...

The Nouveau Tech Package Of Inside Secrets - This person clain i have associated with her or him in battlecry and cron mafia head and tail corn controversial announcing m

Posted: 2015-07-31 by    walterJackson 6511
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Nouveau tech secret society neo cheater and neo tech
Nouveau tech secret society miss annabelle`s secrets
Nouveau tech secret society inner circle secrets
Nouveau tech secret inside secrets...

Barnes And Noble - Rental Returns

Posted: 2015-07-28 by    Joy2009
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I rented two text book from this company, the two books were shipped together and received. One of the book was highlighted all the through, I did not see this as a major problem. I return booth books in the same box it was shipped in and using one return label from the web site and I placed...

Dutailly - Violation author rights

Posted: 2015-07-25 by    Catherine Dutailly
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes

My ebook "De Maux en Mots... à coeur ouvert... mon abécédaire " is on line for "free downloading "on the website "telechargerlivres.net" without any authorization... When you click for downloading it you arrive to "donnaplay" website... ( I did copies of the screens...)...

Lakeside - did not receive a book I ordered

Posted: 2015-07-05 by    Heidi Grams
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
I ordered the book Waking up in Heaven., Have never received it. I would very much like to receive it, I can't write a review it on the message that was on my computer. I got a form to fill out for a review, but can't do it because I never received the book, thereforeI can't review...

self-publishing - scamming

Posted: 2015-06-25 by    Joseph Lluvera
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I Paid $1200.00 on publishing package & all Publishing packages would only cost $200.00. my book title is named The Chronicles of Lord River 2 by Billy Michaells Thceascza and Patty Jean Ceascza. look for it. contact me by phone asap for my proof....

Xlibris - Billed for book that never arrived

Posted: 2015-06-20 by    UNsatisfied customer 7200
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I ordered a book from Xlibris, the Print-On-Demand online bookstore/publishing house, five weeks ago. It was the only website to order a book that a beloved author had self-published. Previously, I had ordered a book from another "POD" bookstore, and the book arrived promptly and in good condition....

Your Better Tomorrow - unauthorized charges

Posted: 2015-06-19 by    roselea
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I, too, was charged 84.97 from this company who sent me a cd, which I agreed to and three days later, they charged my acct. 84.97 for some cds I did not order. I called to cancel, but now I have to pay their shipping charges and the cost to return it. My acct. was overdrawn because of this and...

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