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iPhone 7 | Apple iPhone 7 In India Flipkart / iPhone 7

iphone 7 buy on Sep 24, 2016
The iPhone 7 in India: Apple cooperates with Flipkart September 23, 2016| 16:34 | 0 Comments As Mashable reported working Apple together with the Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart to the iPhone 7 successfully sell in India. The launch of the new generation iPhone will be held on 7 October in...

Barnes & Noble / Customer service says, "Our warehouses are too huge to find your book."

Justifiedcomplainer on Sep 23, 2016
On September 22, 2016, at the Barnes and Noble in Bridgeport Village, Oregon, I tried to order 3 copies of a book. I asked when the books would arrive, and was told, "Well, you're ordering the last three books, and our warehouses are so huge, we can't be expected to find individual book...

Identity Direct / Customer Service

Bonny on Sep 23, 2016
I ordered a personalized book for my granddaughter. It asked for her birthdate and I scrolled down the numbers and put in 10/02. For October 2nd. When the book came the birthday said February 10th. Clearly, this company is not based in the US as we put the month first. The company will take...

Backbone Press / Wrongfully reported to this site.

nonametodisplay on Sep 15, 2016
Hello, I ran across this complaint (link below) and realized we have been mistakenly reported to your website. We are a small micro press in Durham, NC and our logo and address somehow appeared in one of your reported complaints, titled "Terrible Customer Support." We are have no tech...

Xlibris / Premium publishing company

Francisco Guerra on Sep 13, 2016
I've been asking for my refund, because these people (Xlibris) have not been able to do the service I paid for in three payments. I left a voice mail to the guy (Greg Griffin) to call me back, so I can get my refund hasn't called back. I also did not give these people permission to start...

Simply Audiobooks / Rental library of audiobooks

Lynn Abronski Ciamaichelo on Sep 12, 2016
1. I've had books on queue, some for two years, but the list always says "coming soon" so I assumed they were still a viable option. Upon calling to find out why I've never received them, or any books for the past seven weeks, I was told none of those ten books are available any longer...

Barnes and Noble / Customer service

Shayjones on Sep 8, 2016
I was in the Little Rock, Ar location on 9/8/16 to purchase a book that my son needed for class. First young lady i approached friendly and help with finding the book we needed. Get to the register where we patiently wait as the cashier deals with a customer for about 15 min or so. A...

Textbooks.com / Fraudulent practices, very well - scripted

Daniel Sun on Sep 7, 2016
This is a company with a very well-rehearsed fraudulent scheme. Do not buy.Here is my experience with them. At around 8:00PM on August 30, 2016 I bought a book from textbooks.com because it was $20 cheaper than from amazon.com. At the checkout page, I learned that the taxes would be $9.10 and...

www.bookbub.com / Free book scam

Ramona on Sep 2, 2016
I've purchased two books from this website and ordered one book which was free. But for some reason BookBub also charged me for the third book. When I contacted them they said that was their mistake and asked me not to worry. They promised I'll get my refund as soon as possible. About a...

Textbooks.com / Rejected

Jack on Sep 1, 2016
I contacted customer service and they gave me all the necessary information. Following their instructions I sent them two books. Both were in an excellent condition, one was quite rare. About a week later I was contacted by Textbooks support which said that both booked were damaged, that...

Edition TJ / Problem installing mac webroot

Thomas Hally on Aug 28, 2016
Edition TJSince last evening I have been trying to enter the numbers webroot demands. That was a two or more numbers from "motley" and very childish game that webroot chooses from my security code. I can't do it. Neither could a computer systems engineer I know. Finally he was successful. Now I...

Textbookw.com / Wrong book

Aska on Aug 25, 2016
Ordered two books from this website TEXTBOOKw and only one was correct. I called customer service and explained that one of the books was incorrect and asked for a replacement. They said they needed some time to think. Later when I contacted them again they said that they were not able to...

Better World Books / Wrong book

Donna on Aug 22, 2016
Hello. I've purchased a book from this website and it took them forever to deliver my order. When I finally receive the book I was very disappointed because it wasn't the one I've ordered. I contacted customer service via email and sent them a picture and asked for a replacement, but...

Audible / Fraud, obtaining credit info via backdoor methods, unethical behavior

Cassidy Robinson on Aug 20, 2016
I think the way you obtain credit card info from Amazon is unethical. I think the fact you can cont billing without ever having to notify or contact the customer by utilizing credit cards added to amazon is done purposely to conceal monthly charges from a customer who "forgets" about the...

Ergode Books / Never got the book

John on Aug 19, 2016
Ordered five books from Ergode Books website and never received them. I asked Ergode Books customer service many times but they were not able to tell when will my order arrive. At the begging they did reply but later they just stopped answering. They also did not give me a tracking number, so I bet that they never even shipped me anything. Scammers!

ALIBRIS / One book was missing

Normanu2 on Aug 16, 2016
I have ordered two books from www.alibris.com and arrived only one. When I contacted customer service they claimed that they shipped two books. I told them that there was only one book in the package and demanded a partial refund but they refused. I contacted them many times asking for a...

Book Depository / Flimsy packaging

Alinagrng on Aug 12, 2016
Received my Book Depository package only to see that the book I purchased had been beaten up due to the flimsy packaging. What makes me suspicious is that while the cardboard packaging my book came in seems to be fine, my book has suffered damage. Does this mean the company sent me a damaged book from their warehouse?

Book Depository / Nothing but headache

MarkOfOmega on Aug 11, 2016
Purchased a book from www.bookdepository.com later I was contacted by someone from the company and told that my order was cancelled. They said that there was some kind of problem with my credit card. That was not a problem, I just found another site and purchased the book there. Several week...

Wordery.com / Ridiculous company

ManiMoou on Aug 2, 2016
I have made an order and bought five books from Wordery website. Later after they received the payment they contacted me and said that one book was no in stock. I said that's ok if I'll get the other four and a partial refund. They said yes of course. Waited patiently but nothing...

Dr Seuss an friends bookclub / Dr Seuss book club membership

david bowen on Aug 1, 2016
I was trying to get a cheat code for iron force an they had this as a nessacary deal then they wanted u to join other things for money . Another shipment coming on August, 8, 2016. I quit on the next one too much money. As I didn't follow through didn't think I would become a member I...
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