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BB&T Bank - Pennsylvania, Pottsville / Money card

Reviewer27104 on 2016-01-30
I got approved for a prepaid money account. I had 80.00 in cash that I deposited. I looked online and it was available right away. However I went to withdraw 20.00 from their ATM and it stated were have difficulties I cant even go to Walmart and use the card for groceries because its all...

BB&T Bank - Georgia, Hiram / The whole Hiram Georgia Branch

Reviewer11121 on 2016-01-14
This Bank has turned into the most disgusting place too Bank at. Complaints have fell on deaf ears. Who ever is in charge of this outfit has more money than they do sense!Too put it nicely. No one cares, about waiting on you, I have waited for 30 mins the bank was not even crowd. I DO NOT...

BB&T Bank - North Carolina, Whiteville / Overdraft and excessive fees

Reviewer34046 on 2015-12-19
I transferred $600 from my BBT account into my USAA account which posted 12/11/15 and my balance reflected it. So I paid bills and some other expenses. Then BB&T decides to pull the $600 back out of my account on 12/14/15 and charge me over $200 in overdraft fees and $35 in returned item...

BB&T Bank - Maryland, Deale / Checking account

Beautifully flawed on 2015-12-05
I opened up a checking account with BB&T that had a pretty sizable direct deposit going in every month on the 3rd and also i would deposit money and paychecks and one time someone i had worked for cleaning a house wrote me a check for my services and from what i gathered checking my...

BB&T / Overcharged Fees - Branch Banking and Trust

Reviewer26355 on 2015-12-01
I have spent a little more than what was available to me in my checking account a couple times before, but I have never had problems with it until now. Past times, I have always been told I had seven days to pay back a negative balance to avoid overdraft fees. Either I was lied to more...

BB&T - Virginia, Alexandria / Home Mortgage Late Fees

Reviewer77709 on 2015-11-24
Feb 2015 - Present. This company is completely unethical. They just sent me a bill for $1200 in late fees. Apparently, I set up payments for the mortgage which processed 1 day late. Rather than notifying me that additional fees were due when it first happened, they sent me a bill for $1200...

BBT Bank - West Virginia, Beckley / Venue

Reviewer46821 on 2015-10-21
to the petitioner sorry about my convenience I have a venue from Kanawha county circuit courthouse box 2351 Charleston west Virginia 25328 locality branch and trust company operations center post office box 819 Wilson north Carolina 27894 the defendant i...

BB&T Bank - Georgia, Atlanta / Unethical, Rip-off Bank

Reviewer60513 on 2015-10-16
There are many aggressive and unethical banks, but BB&T it the worst I have encountered. Here are a few of the practices that BB&T uses against their customers: Checking account fees: my “free” BB&T business account had its terms changed and started charging me. Since the charges were...

BB&T Bank - Florida, west palm beach / Debit card transactions

Reviewer20603 on 2015-10-01
I have recently has funds being held because my card was ran twice for the same purchase. When i called the bank to report it they are telling me that I have to go to the place of purchase and request them to fax a letter to release the payment to my bank. This is clearly an inconvenience...

BB&T Bank / Assessive Overdraft Fees along with phone 24 charge!!!

Lrhone0906 on 2015-08-30
On 8/25/2015, my debit card was used for a purchase, which was a mistake on the merchant. She immediately refunded the money back to my account. From the times on both receipts, one for sale and one for refund are within 3/4 minutes of each other. Great this shouldn't be a problem, right...

BB&T Bank - Alabama / Adjustment case# 0001521659001 adjustment

LR James on 2013-04-21
After rolling over as a previous banking client of colonial bank, bb&t has used ambiguous language leading to available account balance confusion. Terms that come across such as daily balance for email alerts falsely state account balances that excludes the previous day (S) transactions;...

BB&T Bank - Florida, Fort Myers / fraud

sarahmt48 on 2012-12-26
A BB &T teller allowed someone who is not an authorized signer on my account to go into a branch and cash a teller check. They have not been helpful a t all since this occurred. They told me it could take up to two weeks before it gets assigned to an investigator and they will not put the...

BB&T Bank - Florida, Lady Lake / Total lack of assistance

Judith West on 2012-02-12
I am a single female retiree in Central FL. In 2001 my loanwas with Florida First Federal, then it was sold to Colonial Bank, then unfortunately it was sold to BB&T. That is when my problems began. In early 2011 Wachovia Bank had been watching my account for some activity other than my SS...

BBT Bank / Stole my money

Che71 on 2011-07-02
BB&T Bank in Fairfax, Virginia stole $10 from me for "checking account maintenance fees" after I opened a no fees account with them specifically for the reason of avoiding fees. They did this to me by switching the terms and conditions of my checking account without ensuring I knew they...

BB&T Bank / Unavailable money, sales pressure

holdinthebag on 2011-06-01
I recently set up a savings account and checking account at a bb&t bank near where i live so i can have an atm closer to my house. I got suspicious when i was there on saturday the 21st (May 2011) and i was the only one there at the bank. I checked online and found a lot of complaint...

BB&T Bank - Kentucky, Russell Springs / Accepting Fake Signed Checks and Denying loans based on other clients money

Ellen-l on 2011-02-09
Our daughter wanted to apply for a loan at BB&T in Russell Springs, Kentucky. On her way out the door to apply for the loan her 'Boyfriends' at the time" mother told her " You will not get the loan I took care of it". She went to the BB&T branch in Russell Springs, Kentucky with...

BB&T Bank - Kentucky / Overdraft fees & Rude Customer Service Reps.

rynoworld on 2011-01-02
I have a checking account with bb&t, even though there is no local branch. I opened the account, because my employer had planned on transfering me to louisville. The Customer Service was nice and professional at first. I ended up having two things, come through as payments. Which drew my...

BB&T Bank / Hold on my account

dcbre10 on
Where is my deposit? This is a constant recurring problem. It takes forever for a check deposit to show up with BBT! Everytime a deposit is made (even payroll checks) they put a hold on your deposit for 48-72 hours. Why? No one at the bank could tell me. When I sent an email to their...

BB&T Bank - Georgia, Athens / Overdraft Charges

My complaint is the same as the others, concerning overdraft fees. I'm out $900.00 in less than a months time. I'm concerned about what can be done to get our money back? I've talked with the local branch, I've called the Bank24 line, and I'm about to call the...

BB&T Bank - Florida, Mulberry / Overdraft fee, phone call fee, use your atm card fe

If you do not what control, of your own money bank at bb& t, they charge 2. 00, to talk to them, 2. 00 to use your atm card, they are theief, and yes yes yes, they will srcew any and ever way possiable, they pure out ole suck$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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Fake Waiter-Credit Card Fraud
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