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ATT Uverse Complaints & Reviews

ATT Uverse / poor service hanging up on me

Reviewer91998 on 2015-09-11
have had u verse for years allways have tileing isssue have never been able to fix the problem. went on line to Att .com to check cell prices and asked if they can add to m u verse acct and was passed over to 4-5 different reps before the last one said it couldnt be done .iathen asked for...

ATT Uverse / Billing and Service

DallasTJ on 2015-05-29
I have been without cable or internet for two days. When I called for repair I was told that my account was not a priority and it would take 2 days to fix. When I checked my bill today, I found that ATT is going to charge me TWICE the price of my service because their system was not...

ATT Uverse / Poor TV and Internet

jimmyyyy on 2014-10-08
Ordered Uverse TV to go along with my Uverse Internet service. From day one, the TV has not worked properly and the internet speed fluctuates from 6 mbs (which I pay for) to less than 1 mbs. There are times when my upload speed is faster than my download speed. The TV picture pixelate...

ATT Uverse TV and Internet / Worst Custermer Service EVER!!

Mrsdee on 2014-10-07
If you ever need service in the Antelope Valley Palmdale area, and see the Manager name: SCOTT BURD ... save yourself some time, call back and request another person. This man is suppose to oversee the contracted technicians in this area, but I am wondering who is overseeing Scott Burd...

ATT Uverse Service / dishonest promotion

sheila meadows on 2014-07-17
att had a promotion on smart phones they were giving away the nokia smartphone for .75 cents and one for .50 cents if you would do a bundle two year contract with them.( by the way nokia is a great company with great costumer service) anyway, i wanted to upgrade my phone i already had the...

ATT Uverse - California, El Dorado Hills / Gift card

Ancamat on 2014-06-19
ATT sold us a Uverse program and promised a $100. gift card within 60 days, to offset the charges of changing over to Uverse. We have had the Unverse acct for several months and thus far, no gift card has been received in the mail as promised. Calling ATT regarding this issue is a waste of...

ATT Uverse - Wisconsin, Kenosha / FRAUDULANT BILLING

JB1223 on 2014-04-14
wondering how many people out there are in the same boat with me. i cancelled service 05-2012 - returned equipment, paid final bill. 6 months later received a letter stating i owe $800+ for un-returned equipment and service after the termination date. spoke with csr 3-27-14 who told me...

ATT Uverse - California, Foster City / Billing

GeorgeSi on 2014-03-21
Tried UVERSE for less than 24 hours. Called to have service terminated and was told that the account could not be closed since my phone had been ported to UVERSE and I needed to wait until it was ported back to ATT landland. That happened 10 days later. Called back to ATT to terminate my...

ATT Uverse / Price increase while on contract

Zaylyn on 2014-03-11
I agreed to renew ATT uverse for one year in December, based on a quote to me of a total price for services. Now ATT says it is fair to raise the rate one month into my contract, yet I am penalized if I break the contract. Shouldn't a contract obligate both sides to the agreement?

ATT Uverse Service - Texas, Fort Worth / Repair

NannetteSmith on 2014-02-23
ATT Uverse provides the absolute worse customer there is t. o offer. From the first transfer to the fifth, I will receive 5 different answers. I had an appt for repair on Sund Feb 23, 2014 and my time slot was 4-8, then I get an automated message that it's been changed to 12-4, what...

ATT Uverse / monthly payment

Francisco Reyes on 2013-11-05
I had been calling every month on regard of the monthly bill. The last time that I talked to one of your representative was last month about the same date of today. 11-5-13. I spoke to Albert he talk me that my monthly payment will be $69.96 every month, I did not receive any statement...

ATT Uverse - California, Fremont / Reward card

Geetika Tulsi on 2013-10-23
In August 2013 I got a new service of att uverse and got a good deal via website. I fixed my installation date and got a 25$ reward card. On the installation day I waited for the technician and later I called to check the status and it turns out my order did not went through, they...

ATT Uverse - Nevada, Reno / Billing or Collection Issues

georgemayes on 2013-04-20
Service Type: Residential Service Account: 104697542 email: gmmbj1@gmail.com I have been charged for adult paid-per-view movie consistently the same amount of $150 for the past three month. Nobody in our family ordered or watches paid-per-view movies. I am totally blind, my wife has not...

ATT Uverse - Florida / service

Debra Daigle Woodruff on 2013-04-01
This is only the beginning ATT, as I will post to every site available including BBB. I have UVERSE with tv, phone and internet. People, these people will lie to you. I have been having problems with my service since December 2012. Two months maybe having a total of 48 to96 hrs of service...

ATT Uverse - California, San Francisco / Unfair Dunning

Bkolb on 2013-03-04
In 2011 I attempted to contract with ATT U-verse for Internet service. When their installer arrived he was unable to install the service because there was no telephone jack near the equipment that it would have been connected to. He said it would cost $300 to wire my apartment for...

ATT Uverse - California, San Diego / UNTRUSTWORTHY COMPANY

Pearl17 on 2013-01-17
I wrote this on yelp as well but I must voice my concern! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Warning for Uverse customers, you should just get a voice recording of your technician saying that there is no service fee because they clearly have a way of charging you with their little "decline to...

ATT Uverse - California, los angeles / sucks

angrrrry on 2013-01-11
technician number 6 is coming next week to hopefully fix the problem no one else could. Im shocked. Its been THE worst month constantly getting kicked off the internet and having to repeatedly call ATT. AND the technicians have the upper hand since there is no way to file a complaint about...

ATT Uverse - Michigan, Ypsilanti / charge for visit

W.J.Aparicio on 2012-08-07
I am having problems gaining access to the internet via the Internet explorer. On several occassion att techs. have came over and work on the problerm. The problem continues as of this date 8-9-12. On 7-1-12 I called the ATT tech support and talked to an STT rep. in the philiphines. She...

ATT Uverse - Arkansas / reward rebate

Moonman20 on 2012-07-27
I should have known this account was going to be a problem from the first day service was to be connected. My wife received a telephone call from the service person inquiring if she was at the residence for installation. When she advised she was, he indicated he was there, but could not...

ATT Uverse - Georgia, Marietta / slipshod service

edvanherik on 2012-07-20
We got Uverse installed last week, and it cut out unexpectedly Tuesday. There had been some work done by a contractor in the yard, and we called Uverse, who told us that they checked the line from their end, and we must just have a bad modem. Okay. They sent us a new modem, and it turned...

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